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    Art Border Line

    Arts organisation supporting Diaspora &amp; Native Contemporary…

    Since 2006 promoting upcoming artistes who transcend geographical, communal, gender and political biases / borders. Privately funded…

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    I write and paint to make sense of all of it. I am currently looking for creators in Africa to write features about. I am interested…

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    pascale revert

    art and design advisor

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    Brian Mpho Morewane

    very creative, passionate, patient, funny and loving artistic lifestyle!

    Brian Morewane has over the last 18 years completed numerous high end interior design installations both locally and international…

  • User 3

    Melissa Hunter

    Editor and Creator for Sugarcane Magazine, an online journal for artists…

    I'm interested in all arts disciplines as well as producing and curating. I have 15 years experience in the arts. I have worked in…

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    Szpilman Award

    Apply now!

    The SZPILMAN AWARD is awarded to works that exist only for a moment or a short period of time. The purpose of the award is to…

  • User 1

    I am a filmmaker with more than 10 years of experience working in Zimbabwe. my films have won awards in Zimbabwe, Tanzania and…

  • User 2

    Benjamin Füglister

    Artist living in Berlin.

    I am generally interested in the influence of photography on society. With I try to subjectively reflect on relevant…

  • User 7

    Biennale Benin

    Biennale Benin 2012

    EXPOSITION, ATELIERS, RENCONTRES, PUBLICATIONS, RADIO, ACTIVITÉS. « Inventer le monde: l’artiste citoyen » Inventing the…

  • User 1 1

    Erin Christovale

    Los Angeles based film curator focousing on experimental/avant-garde…

    Los Angeles based film curator focousing on experimental/avant-garde films by people of color. My current film program Black Radical…

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    Shama Shafina Buru

    Great of the greatest love spell/ voodoo spell and powerful charm +27794742484

    Dr MAMA SHAMA AND SHEIKH BURU (twinsTraditional and Spiritual Healer, We become a descendant of ZANGA miracle river clan at the…

  • User 3

    Addis Embiyalow

    Producer, Event Planner, Global Thinker

    I like to identify myself as a community &amp; cultural instigator. I enjoy working on projects which enable me to approach the…

  • User 2

    Tselane Tambo

    I am love, creativity, vivacity!

    I am an actress. I struggle with putting the word ‘former’ before ‘actress’, but the universal energies seem to direct me…

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    Ifueko Matsie Uzorka

    I am African-not because I was born in AFRICA, but because AFRICA is born in me

    Founder of WAKOYO- Africa's premier lifestyle platform, website,, Marketing Executive, Soical…

  • User 3 2

    Pauline Burmann

    Researcher / Facilitator African Art

    Art Administrator, Independent Curator, Consultant African Arts and Theory and the Diaspora.

  • User 1 2

    Unathi L. Sondiyazi

    @UN8: writer and distribution consultant

    Unathi is a freelance writer and print distribution consultant. He writes for magazines, art and culture websites. Recent 2013…

  • User 8 3

    Steven Music

    looking for new ways to promote artists' practice

    Founder of Celeste Network, a web platform in which artists and arts professionals from around the world share their common…

  • User 5 is a project run by artists in Luanda, Angola

    Antonio Ole, Francisco Vidal, Nelo Teixeira and RitaGT are the artists members based in Luanda, Angola. The aim of this…

  • User 3 3

    justus kyalo

    visual artist

    dreamer, phone calls from ancestors,awakening,music,spaced…

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    I´m designer and photographer

    I´m Hanen Mtibaa, an advertiser and a young profesional photographer. I´m looking for create a new project . I want taking a turn…

  • User 1 1

    Salsabil El-Regaily

    Researcher, Photographer, Mural painting artist and PhD Candidate

    Salsabil El-Regaily Interested in Mural painting, oil painting, collage painting, and photography. Graduated from the Faculty of…

  • User

    sibylle hofter


    Agentur Schwimmer - a place of visual discussion in its testing phase The Schwimmer news agency is a model. Its actual…

  • User 2 1



    Mashumi art projects based in Gauteng, Soweto. We provide exhibiting space for developing artist. Mashumi Art projects was…

  • User 1

    Ismail Bahri

    Artist / Tunisia - France

    Born in Tunis in 1978, ismaïl Bahri lives and works between Paris, Lyon and Tunis / He is represented by Les Filles du calvaire,…

  • User 1

    abel udoekene

    @abelekene on twitter

    Abel Udoekene is a poet,a short story writer and a novelist.he has written so many poems and short stories,He is currently working…

  • User 1

    Molebogeng Theodorah Mbedzi

    I am a mature and very courageous woman. A born leader who grew up in…

    I live in a quiet old surbub in PTA,Silverton. I'm a Demand Manager at Sanofi SA , a Pharmaceutical Complany in Midrand. I'm also…

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    Faten Hayed

    Journaliste/ Reporter

    Rédactrice en chef du cahier magazine à El Watan Week-end Dépendante de l’actualité et avide d’informations, j’en ai…

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    Pam Samasuwo-Nyawiri

    Fashion Accessories Designer specialising in Avante Garde leather luxury…

    Avante Garde accessories that push boundaries with upcycling. We love idea of ‘wearable art' & our dream is to create pieces…

  • Organisation

    Sam Sam

    calm, alive, ambitious, active, attentive

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    sam smith

    Head of PostProduction in Wale Adenuga Productions TV (WAPTV) &…

    I'm a broadcast producer, creative director, editor and digital animator. I like to explore new innovations and ideas; i also love…

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