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    Ayanda Mabulu

    Im an African,, a continent, a soul in a form of a man,i paint, thats…

    I paint ,i travel fah in the tracks of those who did not make it home im a messenger to those black families who need the the where…

  • User 2

    ARTchSO association

    non-profit video art association in France

    ARTchSO is a non-profit video art association in France. With a view to promoting African video art to artists and general public in…

  • User 1

    Bah issaba


    KANARIMAGIK ( KM) est née de l’envie d’un groupe de jeunes étudiants diplômés ou en formation soucieux d’utiliser leurs…

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    Observation, reflexion, proposition, conception, action, implémentation,...

    &quot;Ne me parlez plus jamais d'amour, de dieu ni de clairs horizons, mais parlez moi toujours&quot; (tiré de l'expo…

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    Alice Lucy Rekab

    Artist working with the African Diaspora , West African Pop Culture and…

    I am currently working towards an exhibiiton in The Goethe Institut Dublin that takes the Congress of Berlin and Otto Von Bismarks…

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    claire fouche

    a designer, photographer &amp; artist

    I work on various creative based projects in London as an art director and designer. I lived in South Africa for many years but am…

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    Arterial Network

    Promoting cultural diversity in Africa

    Arterial Network promotes cultural diversity in Africa through lobbying and advocating for the Status of the Artist, for the…

  • User

    William Adjété Wilson

    Visual artist William Adjété WILSON lives in Paris (France). He was born in 1952 from a french mother and a…

  • User

    Deather (Dee) Cooper-Durden

    Modei Ani (I Give Thanks)

    Anointed Inspirational Artist, Author, Poet, Musician and Spiritual Motivator in love with God and Humanity. God ministers through…

  • User 1

    Kokou Ekouagou

    I am a plastician and visual artist

    My artwork is definitely for everybody from graphical and metaphysical viewpoint. Everyculture can understand and interpret my work…

  • User 1

    Lennon Jno-Baptiste

    Visual artist

    Lennon Jno-Baptiste is an American artist born on the Island of Dominica in the Caribbean. He has participated in numerous…

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    Nii Ayikwei Parkes

    I'm a writer, cultural curator and editor

    Nii Ayikwei Parkes is a Ghanaian writer, editor, socio-cultural commentator and performance poet. A 2007 recipient of Ghana's…

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    Singgellos Jean

    BOLLYBANAZZ AFRICA for Social ARTS and Cults by Dancing City Entertainment -…

  • User


    Script writer, producer, coordinator of FCAT Espacio Profesional African Film Festival of Tarifa, Spain. FCAT Espacio profesional is the industry area of the festival where there is an…

  • User

    Richard Shepherd


    I am a documentary filmmaker, as well as a writer/producer. The company website is The most recent documentary…

  • User

    oumar sall

    Auteur, Critique et activiste du bien-être

    Traduire le monde en un espace agréable où le bien-être, pour chaque citoyen, devient une constance. tel est mon combat. le cadre…

  • User

    Nikki Froneman

    Arts Producer, project manager and festival director.

    Nikki Froneman is a South African arts producer and occasional theatre director. She holds an Honours degree in Drama from the…

  • User

    Good Hope Art

    Art Residency in Cape Town

    The organization’s main objectives are to provide working and exhibition space for artists and art crafters in order to prepare…

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    atta kouassi

    Music Lovers Livers and Promoters

    Established in 2010, Focus Organization is a group of dynamic London-based music promoters who aim to bring together international…

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    Maki Garba

    MAKI GARBA: Gestionnaire du Patrimoine Culturel, Master en…

    Je Suis Gestionnaire culturel à travers mon master en développement, je souhaite appartenir aux réseaux culturels africains et…

  • User 5 3

    Africa Fashion Guide

    A not-for-profit social enterprise promoting the African fashion and…

    Africa Fashion Guide is the brainchild of Jacqueline Shaw a professional fashion designer, a visionary and an eco-entrepreneur with…

  • User


    Mon but est de donner à chacun quelque chose qui n´appartient à personne

    Je suis né le 11 Février 1950 à Pédakondji / Vogan au Togo. Apres une Formation de textil Design à Accra Ghana, j´étais…

  • User 1 2

    Atim Oton

    Atim Annette Oton is a designer and writer.

    Atim Annette Oton is a Nigerian-born, American and British educated architectural designer is the co-founder of Black Design News…

  • User 1 3

    Uzoma Hanssens Agwu

    I am an emerging artist

    I see myself as a person with a unique combination of talents, a great drive to make things happen and a passion to invent towards…

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    Gbengabills soyinka

    am an artist,filmaker and a photographer

    i studied at the national film institute jos and i major in film directing and cinematography,art has always been a spiritual gift…

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    Carole KAREMERA

    Female Rwandese artist and arts manager

    Carole Karemera is an actress, director, saxophone player, contemporary dancer who has appeared in many internationally acclaimed…

  • User


    actor, contemporary dancer, choreographer

    Vient du théâtre. Ecole de danse moderne à la «maison de l’opéra» du Caire.Suit de 2008 a 2011 la formation 'Cairo…

  • User

    Patrick Landi

    Passionate about art

    Making a long story short is often a excercse of style rather than content. In describing my undertakings in the art world Passion…

  • User 1

    Meschac Gaba

    I am an international artist from Benin living in the Netherlands.

    Since 1997 I developed the 'Museum of Contemporary African Art' ( which finished in 2002 in…

  • User 1

    Bilal Chrif

    Bilal Chrif Born in Tetouan, Morocco in 1982; lives and works in Tetouan…

    2010: 93000, National Institute of Fine Arts - Tetouan Conexionarte, Mohamed Drissi galeria - Tanger Conexionarte, casino…

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