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    African Arts Institute

    Non-profit organisation committed to promote African creative content to…

    The African Arts Institute (AFAI) was launched in February 2009 with a two-year grant from Spier to establish an entity that would…

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    patrick kariuki

    am curious artist,to know people thoughts in put them on my canvas.

    generally i focus on how i see and uderstand the world around me i,e ideas,thoughts,memories,experiences,ho[pes and aspirations…

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    Africa Fashion Guide

    A not-for-profit social enterprise promoting the African fashion and…

    Africa Fashion Guide is the brainchild of Jacqueline Shaw a professional fashion designer, a visionary and an eco-entrepreneur with…

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    Omale Allen Abdul-jabbar

    nomad, floating genie, recording all i see and do in prose and verse

    i love paintings, literature, movies, songs, nature. i believe ultimately in the indestructible nature of the human spirit, through…

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    Singgellos Jean

    BOLLYBANAZZ AFRICA for Social ARTS and Cults by Dancing City Entertainment -…

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    Clare Mungai

    .....just a girl who loves life, art and more art.

    What works for me: To hell with the rules, I paint what I feel and like:) I dip my brush into my own soul, and paint my nature into…

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    Connie Bell

    Dub Poet/Storyteller and Songstress

    Seeded in the motherland plucked and grown in Jamaica, this Jamaican performing artist has taken the London Art Scene by tropical…

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    Arterial Network

    Promoting cultural diversity in Africa

    Arterial Network promotes cultural diversity in Africa through lobbying and advocating for the Status of the Artist, for the…

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    Good Hope Art

    Art Residency in Cape Town

    The organization’s main objectives are to provide working and exhibition space for artists and art crafters in order to prepare…

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    Kofi A. Dabanka

    Passionate about African entertainment and fashion

    Passionate about African entertainment and fashion. In the process of launching a premium HD webchannel based on African films…

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    patrick kariuki

    am curious artist,to know people thoughts in put them on my canvas.

    generally i focus on how i see and uderstand the world around me i,e ideas,thoughts,memories,experiences,ho[pes and aspirations…

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    Self taught photographer curious about africa and its people and wanting to learn more about africa and the different cultures. I…

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    Nkechi Vivien Commettant

    Architectural Designer with an interest in African development

    Would like to hear from like minded forward thinker Architects, Inventor, Product designer, Interior designer, Textiles designer,…

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    ARTchSO association

    non-profit video art association in France

    ARTchSO is a non-profit video art association in France. With a view to promoting African video art to artists and general public in…

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    Atim Oton

    Atim Annette Oton is a designer and writer.

    Atim Annette Oton is a Nigerian-born, American and British educated architectural designer is the co-founder of Black Design News…

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    Anina von Wachtel

    Together with a partner I own and manage the Diani Beach Art Gallery for…

    The Diani Beach Art Gallery is the first space of its kind in the coastal region of Kenya. Not only a commercial gallery but also a…

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    Linda Mangqu

    addictive,fun and really i want to change the world though video

    I am an addictive very hard working Film editor who is very passionate about FILM and photography, i like helping people and having…

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    Nikki Froneman

    Arts Producer, project manager and festival director.

    Nikki Froneman is a South African arts producer and occasional theatre director. She holds an Honours degree in Drama from the…

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    Deather (Dee) Cooper-Durden

    Modei Ani (I Give Thanks)

    Anointed Inspirational Artist, Author, Poet, Musician and Spiritual Motivator in love with God and Humanity. God ministers through…

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    Artist in Residency Programme

    Connecting Africa’s artists to residencies around the world.

    The Africa Centre, together with artist in residency programmes in Australia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Finland, Netherlands, Turkey and the…

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    Francisco Guevara

    Visual Artist and Curator / Arquetopia, Foundation for Development

    Francisco Jose Guevara (Puebla, 1978) is a Mexican multidisciplinary artist and curator specialized in creating projects using…

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    Lennon Jno-Baptiste

    Visual artist

    Lennon Jno-Baptiste is an American artist born on the Island of Dominica in the Caribbean. He has participated in numerous…

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    Quinsy Gario

    Poet & more

    I was born in Curaçao and raised in St. Maarten, Curaçao and the Netherlands. Under the name T. Martinus I have published in the…

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    Paul Roux

    Visual Artist

    As far as my creative practice is concerned, I work with painting and performance/social-intervention; as well as with writing.…

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    Observation, reflexion, proposition, conception, action, implémentation,...

    &quot;Ne me parlez plus jamais d'amour, de dieu ni de clairs horizons, mais parlez moi toujours&quot; (tiré de l'expo…

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    reasearch on the sociologic meaning in dance, the sign of mouvement ,…

    Master in sociologie and D.E.S.S in Dance at the conservatoire of Bamako. like study the all fings around the field of dance. the…

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    Angel c



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    DropBox SA

    Thinking out of the Box

    We take responsibility for your web presence and ensure that it contributes heavily to your businesses success. Once we are done,…

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    Maki Garba

    MAKI GARBA: Gestionnaire du Patrimoine Culturel, Master en…

    Je Suis Gestionnaire culturel à travers mon master en développement, je souhaite appartenir aux réseaux culturels africains et…

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    Charlotte Erskine

    Small Fish. Big Pond. Dreaming Dreams. Living Dreams.

    Gispy character but with a plan and purpose- not all those who wander are lost however wondering and marvelling at the great global…

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