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  • User 1

    Connie Bell

    Dub Poet/Storyteller and Songstress

    Seeded in the motherland plucked and grown in Jamaica, this Jamaican performing artist has taken the London Art Scene by tropical…

  • User 2 1

    Pamella Dlungwana

    Cape Town based writer

    Pamella Dlungwana is a writer, researcher and Special Projects Coordinator living in Cape Town South Afrika.

  • User 2 1

    Arterial Network

    Promoting cultural diversity in Africa

    Arterial Network promotes cultural diversity in Africa through lobbying and advocating for the Status of the Artist, for the…

  • User 1

    David Muriithi

    A business trainer for Creative Entrepreneurs across Africa

    Creative entrepreneur, realtor, talent and event manager, music promoter and DJ, David Muriithi is also Managing Director of…

  • User

    Deather (Dee) Cooper-Durden

    Modei Ani (I Give Thanks)

    Anointed Inspirational Artist, Author, Poet, Musician and Spiritual Motivator in love with God and Humanity. God ministers through…

  • User


    I am a self taught Artist

    Artist, Teacher &amp; Curator based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I am a self taught Artist painting for the past 15 years. Born…

  • User 3

    Yaw Dabanka

    Proud Ghanian Diaspora

    My aim is to connect with like minded Africans in and outside of Africa. I am passionate about film, music and fashion. I believe…

  • User 1

    Carly Frey

    Advisor, Creative and Cultural Economy, Arts Group, British Council

    With rich experience in international cultural policy and development, Carly is the Creative and Cultural Economy Advisor at the…

  • User 1 2

    Jothee Kiiru

    Multi-media artist, community media advocate.

    Engaging in challenging opportunities employing information, socio-culturally relevant communicative methods and visual media for…

  • User 1

    Charlotte Erskine

    Small Fish. Big Pond. Dreaming Dreams. Living Dreams.

    Gispy character but with a plan and purpose- not all those who wander are lost however wondering and marvelling at the great global…

  • User 1

    Angel c



  • User

    cuthbert george semgoja

    Iam painter, waste paper scuptur, intirior Art decoration designer

    I love to play football even to watch, listening music, and travelling. I love to lean new things from others and spend more time…

  • User

    Nikki Froneman

    Arts Producer, project manager and festival director.

    Nikki Froneman is a South African arts producer and occasional theatre director. She holds an Honours degree in Drama from the…

  • User

    Patrick Landi

    Passionate about art

    Making a long story short is often a excercse of style rather than content. In describing my undertakings in the art world Passion…

  • User

    Judith McWillie

    Artist and author

    Building a network of artists in Africa, Cuba, Haiti, and the United States who are making new work rooted in indigenous tradition…

  • User 1

    Bastiaan Moor

    Passionate architect

    At this moment I am graduating for my master degree in Architecture at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. The…

  • User 1 1

    Tibirusya Roldan Roldan

    Live Souvenir Painter,Sculptor ,Arts Manager,Author and Philanthropist.

    Visual artist -live painter -East africa I’m an artist of a diverse backdrop of influence having gone to Makerere University…

  • User 1

    Artist in Residency Programme

    Connecting Africa’s artists to residencies around the world.

    The Africa Centre, together with artist in residency programmes in Australia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Finland, Netherlands, Turkey and the…

  • User 1

    Sorrel Packham

    viewer with interest in Art and Africa

    I don't practice any form of art anymore but retain an interest and value for the exploration of expression. In particular those…

  • User

    webster gwenzi

    I aspire for a challenging position in a progressive and growing…

    I am good at analysing and problem solving I am able to plan and prioritise and I always take responsibility for decision making…

  • User

    Uganda's theatre company that aims at hatching talents. we also make movies, Radio Drama, Live performance among others. Theater…

  • User 1 1

    Carole KAREMERA

    Female Rwandese artist and arts manager

    Carole Karemera is an actress, director, saxophone player, contemporary dancer who has appeared in many internationally acclaimed…

  • User

    Good Hope Art

    Art Residency in Cape Town

    The organization’s main objectives are to provide working and exhibition space for artists and art crafters in order to prepare…

  • User 1

    Suzanne Martin

    Freelance Journalist and Documentary maker.

    I am a freelance writer and producer with a special interest and experience in Africa and Asia. My work in the Congo includes a…

  • User 2 1

    atta kouassi

    Music Lovers Livers and Promoters

    Established in 2010, Focus Organization is a group of dynamic London-based music promoters who aim to bring together international…

  • User

    Maki Garba

    MAKI GARBA: Gestionnaire du Patrimoine Culturel, Master en…

    Je Suis Gestionnaire culturel à travers mon master en développement, je souhaite appartenir aux réseaux culturels africains et…

  • User 3

    Kofi A. Dabanka

    Passionate about African entertainment and fashion

    Passionate about African entertainment and fashion. In the process of launching a premium HD webchannel based on African films…

  • User


    I am a Young energetic creative Dance artist that is ready to share his…

    I am a Ugandan at the age of 27 and a Dance artist,choreographer and also teacher at the same time. I am also the co founder and…

  • User

    Sorrel Packham

    viewer with interest in Art and Africa

  • User 1

    Catherine Barr

    Associate for Freedom to Create

    Freedom to Create is a social enterprise that supports and promotes the use of the creative arts in emerging economies for social…

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