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  • User

    sophie mew

    London-based heritage specialist, into the visual arts and half french/english

    I am completing a PhD on cultural heritage in Mali and Ghana at SOAS, London. My particular interests lie in how local publics use…

  • User

    Sara Hart

    Creative Professional seeking opportunity where I may use my strong…

    I am an Artistic Professional that has specialties in fine art photography, portrait photography, and documentary/photojournalism. I…

  • User 1 2

    Jothee Kiiru

    Multi-media artist, community media advocate.

    Engaging in challenging opportunities employing information, socio-culturally relevant communicative methods and visual media for…

  • User

    Sorrel Packham

    viewer with interest in Art and Africa

  • User 1

    Catherine Barr

    Associate for Freedom to Create

    Freedom to Create is a social enterprise that supports and promotes the use of the creative arts in emerging economies for social…

  • User 4

    Ethiopian Contemporary Art Gallery

    Where art meets life

    Ethiopian Contemporary Art Gallery (ECAG) is an artists' cooperative dedicated to the promotion of contemporary art practice in…

  • User 1

    nicolene Olckers

    image maker, Picture taker

    I am a photographer and photography student. Although i've been working as a editorial photographer for more than 13 years i…

  • person 1 1

    percy musiiwa


    Im a photographer, currently studying Photojournalism, Documentary and Photography at Market Photo Worksop in Johannesburg, South…

  • person


    A citizen of the world.

    Born at Ilesa Osun State, Nigeria over two decades ago Onarinde Fiyinfoluwa has paraded his poetic ingenuity and penchant to bring…

  • User

    lwanda magere

    im an afro fusion musician in a band called WARRIORS FROM THE EAST

    i play guitar and sing in the band. im also a music producer working in my own studio warrior studios. i also play traditional…

  • User 3

    Kofi A. Dabanka

    Passionate about African entertainment and fashion

    Passionate about African entertainment and fashion. In the process of launching a premium HD webchannel based on African films…

  • User 1

    Artist in Residency Programme

    Connecting Africa’s artists to residencies around the world.

    The Africa Centre, together with artist in residency programmes in Australia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Finland, Netherlands, Turkey and the…

  • User 1 1

    AJ Kwame

    Promter of 'AFRI-KOKOA' arts, music and creativity for last 6 years

    AFRI-KOKOA is a community arts & education organisation dedicated to the promotion of positive Afro-Diasporic culture in the UK.…

  • User 1

    Charlotte Erskine

    Small Fish. Big Pond. Dreaming Dreams. Living Dreams.

    Gispy character but with a plan and purpose- not all those who wander are lost however wondering and marvelling at the great global…

  • User

    serge attukwei clottey

    electrical artist

    Serge Attukwei clottey is a young but seasoned artist performer with a record of accomplishment in the artistic, educational and…

  • User 3

    percy musiiwa


    Im a photojournalist, currently studying Photojournalism, Documentary and Photography at Market Photo Worksop in Johannesburg, South…

  • User

    ologeh otuke charles

    it doesn't have to make sense

    i am a free minded person and my interest is in photography and literature. i also know for a fact that the most important person…

  • User


    I am camera boy 4rom Market Photo Workshop. i began photography in 2009

    I really love photography and I am interested in social documentary and wildlife documentary. I am student at the Market Photo…

  • User 1

    Rita Horvath

    Development associate for Omi International Arts Center, US

    I am promoting our four distinct international residency programs for visual artists, writers, dancers, and musicians. It is located…

  • User 1

    Klaus Knoll

    Director, Transart Institute

    Transart Institute offers an international low-residency MFA and a practice-based PhD program for working artists in a highly…

  • User 1

    Carly Frey

    Advisor, Creative and Cultural Economy, Arts Group, British Council

    With rich experience in international cultural policy and development, Carly is the Creative and Cultural Economy Advisor at the…

  • User 3 2

    Rachael Williams

    International Model and aspiring Actress

    Hey Guys, I'm a model based in London but will be travelling to Africa in April. I won Miss Black Britain and was a finalist in…

  • User 1

    Sorrel Packham

    viewer with interest in Art and Africa

    I don't practice any form of art anymore but retain an interest and value for the exploration of expression. In particular those…

  • User

    webster gwenzi

    I aspire for a challenging position in a progressive and growing…

    I am good at analysing and problem solving I am able to plan and prioritise and I always take responsibility for decision making…

  • User 5 2

    aza mansongi

    artiste plasticienne contemporainne

  • User 1

    Sihle Maku

    born in 1987 in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape.

    studying at the Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg, focusing in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography. Also studied…

  • User 2


    Most crazy and passionate person ever......

    Im a Zimbabwean female aged 21.Born and raised in Zimbabwe on the 15th of November 1989.Started photography in September 2008 at a…

  • User 1

    David Larsen

    Managing Director of Africa Media Online

    As an African I am passionate about Africans telling Africa's story so we have worked hard over the past decade to build a digital…

  • User

    Emmanuel A. Gamor

    Radio host | Photographer | Newspaper Editor

    Born in Accra, Ghana I'm a huge supporter of African development and through my talents, my interactions, skills and network,…

  • User 3

    The Celebrate brooklyn! Performing Arts Festival

    A Performing Arts Program of BRIC Arts|Media|Bklyn

    Celebrate Brooklyn! is a performing arts program of BRIC Arts|Media|Bklyn and one of New York City's longest running, free, outdoor…

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