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    Pamella Dlungwana

    Cape Town based writer

    Pamella Dlungwana is a writer, researcher and Special Projects Coordinator living in Cape Town South Afrika.

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    Nikki Froneman

    Arts Producer, project manager and festival director.

    Nikki Froneman is a South African arts producer and occasional theatre director. She holds an Honours degree in Drama from the…

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    Good Hope Art

    Art Residency in Cape Town

    The organization’s main objectives are to provide working and exhibition space for artists and art crafters in order to prepare…

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    Deather (Dee) Cooper-Durden

    Modei Ani (I Give Thanks)

    Anointed Inspirational Artist, Author, Poet, Musician and Spiritual Motivator in love with God and Humanity. God ministers through…

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    Moussa KALAPO

    Je suis Photographes et videaste

    Moussa Kalapo est né le 15 avril 1983 à Bamako au Mali. Il a cependant passé une bonne partie de son enfance à Pointe-Noire au…

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    i am an illustrator from Barcelona

    although having very little visited Africa phisically, i am very much interested in its traditional culture and also artistic development

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    Artist in Residency Programme

    Connecting Africa’s artists to residencies around the world.

    The Africa Centre, together with artist in residency programmes in Australia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Finland, Netherlands, Turkey and the…

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    aza mansongi

    artiste plasticienne contemporainne

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    MARTE Contemporáneo

    Program that promotes dialogue between national and international…

    The MARTE Contemporáneo program focuses on establashing strong links and connections with contemporary and emerging artists, and…

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    Most crazy and passionate person ever......

    Im a Zimbabwean female aged 21.Born and raised in Zimbabwe on the 15th of November 1989.Started photography in September 2008 at a…

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    Carole KAREMERA

    Female Rwandese artist and arts manager

    Carole Karemera is an actress, director, saxophone player, contemporary dancer who has appeared in many internationally acclaimed…

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    kooch chung

    Freelance Moving Image Designer

    Film, Motion Graphics, Moving image, Documentaries, Design, Typography, photography, New media, Teaching, Inspiring, Learning, Food,…

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    Patrick Landi

    Passionate about art

    Making a long story short is often a excercse of style rather than content. In describing my undertakings in the art world Passion…

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    Judith McWillie

    Artist and author

    Building a network of artists in Africa, Cuba, Haiti, and the United States who are making new work rooted in indigenous tradition…

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    Bastiaan Moor

    Passionate architect

    At this moment I am graduating for my master degree in Architecture at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. The…

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    Tibirusya Roldan Roldan

    Live Souvenir Painter,Sculptor ,Arts Manager,Author and Philanthropist.

    Visual artist -live painter -East africa I’m an artist of a diverse backdrop of influence having gone to Makerere University…

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    AJ Kwame

    Promter of 'AFRI-KOKOA' arts, music and creativity for last 6 years

    AFRI-KOKOA is a community arts & education organisation dedicated to the promotion of positive Afro-Diasporic culture in the UK.…

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    Biography Senzo Shabangu was born in 1985 in Driefontein, Mpumalanga, South Africa. Shabangu came to Johannesburg at the…

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    percy musiiwa


    Im a photojournalist, currently studying Photojournalism, Documentary and Photography at Market Photo Worksop in Johannesburg, South…

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    David Larsen

    Managing Director of Africa Media Online

    As an African I am passionate about Africans telling Africa's story so we have worked hard over the past decade to build a digital…

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    Arterial Network

    Promoting cultural diversity in Africa

    Arterial Network promotes cultural diversity in Africa through lobbying and advocating for the Status of the Artist, for the…

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    I choose to believe that I am a thinker and an entrepreneur. My favorite quotes includes: ;If a man wants something he has never…

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    Suzanne Martin

    Freelance Journalist and Documentary maker.

    I am a freelance writer and producer with a special interest and experience in Africa and Asia. My work in the Congo includes a…

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    Moussa KALAPO

    Je suis Photographes et videaste

    Moussa Kalapo est né le 15 avril 1983 à Bamako au Mali. Il a cependant passé une bonne partie de son enfance à Pointe-Noire au…

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    Maki Garba

    MAKI GARBA: Gestionnaire du Patrimoine Culturel, Master en…

    Je Suis Gestionnaire culturel à travers mon master en développement, je souhaite appartenir aux réseaux culturels africains et…

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    Kofi A. Dabanka

    Passionate about African entertainment and fashion

    Passionate about African entertainment and fashion. In the process of launching a premium HD webchannel based on African films…

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    Catherine Barr

    Associate for Freedom to Create

    Freedom to Create is a social enterprise that supports and promotes the use of the creative arts in emerging economies for social…

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    Ethiopian Contemporary Art Gallery

    Where art meets life

    Ethiopian Contemporary Art Gallery (ECAG) is an artists' cooperative dedicated to the promotion of contemporary art practice in…

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    ologeh otuke charles

    it doesn't have to make sense

    i am a free minded person and my interest is in photography and literature. i also know for a fact that the most important person…

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    (Born in Baltimore, USA, 1971, lives in Brussels, Belgium) He produces discursive works at the crossroads of the documentary and…

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