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    Emanuel Tegene


    Born in Addis Ababa, Emanuel Tegene was a student for the Ale School of Fine Art and Design but left the school for an opportunity…

  • Article: Zeri

    Zerihun Seyoum's Exhibition - One Off Contemporary Art Gallery

    Nairobi, Kenya, 26th January - February 19, 2014

    A graduate of Addis Ababa University, Zerihun taught art for three years before devoting himself full time to producing his own…

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    student in alle fine art and design school

    i have something to share to the worldi have something to share to the worldi have something to share to the worldi have something…

  • User 1

    Ussain Bolt Project

    This is a new project by Chris Kilmartin

    This Project aims to use simply and non expensive technology techniques, on a large scale, to bring the experience of racing the…

  • User 2 2

    Modern Art Museum/Ethiopia

    Contemporary Art Ethiopia, Gebre Kristos Desta Center.

    Modern Art Museum/ Gebre Kristos Desta Center was opened on 10 October 2008 in the renovated historical and unique-architectural…

  • User 1

    Ken Gavin

    irish man with keen interest in Ethiopian Art

    I am inspired by the young emerging modern artists in Ethiopia. There is a great vibrancy about some of their work and it reflects…

  • User 2 1

    Massimo De Vita

    Artist, Painter, Sculpture,Enviornmentalist, Cultural Activitst

    Born in Addis Abeba in 1979, Massimo De Vita was fascinated with art since his early childhood. At the age of 16, he joined the art…

  • User 2

    Chris Kilmartin

    I aim to create work that inspires through experience

    I work in many mediums because I believe if a project requires to be presented in a certain way, you don't want your own knowledge…

  • User 1

    Christopher Hibma

    Sundance Institute East Africa is a program to support the work of…

    Sundance Institute East Africa is a program to support the work of theatre artists in East Africa, as well as to create exchange and…

  • User 2

    Ahmed Akasha

    i cannot do that.

    ...openings are too difficult/ and endings /are never clear/ my median is courage trapped in fear/ i did the maths/ lost the plot;/…

  • Event: Berlin, St. Matthäus-Kirche im Kulturforum Berlin

    Stepping - Out of the Box

    15 avril 2014 A hommage to the Listros ( young shoeshiners) in Ethiopia


    What happens when a Chemist, Molecular Biologist, and a Behavioral Scientist turn to their artistic expression and join with other…

  • User 3

    senayt samuel


    She began her photography career as an intern photojournalist for the New Haven Register. Prior to relocating to London, she worked…

  • User 1


    Deeply interested in 3D design

    I am born Ethiopian but have lived in Sweden for more than 20 years and i am trying nowadays to move back to Ethiopia. Designing of…

  • User 2



    My name is Terhas Berhe and I was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 1987. During my early childhood, I traveled extensively with my…

  • User

    Engdaget Legesse Amede

    I am an artist from Ethioia. Since 2003 i live in Berlin.

    Engdaget Legesse Amede was born in 1971 in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. He entered the Addis Ababa Fine Arts School in 1988,…

  • User

    Name *Dahab

    eritrean-canadian tech-geek community organizer + photographer

    i am here to learn about some of the amazing work that is going on across Africa. I am most focused on the Eritrean and Ethiopian…

  • User 1 3

    Refugee Camp Project

    Project taking the camp to the places the poeple wish to go

    The project is based on object memory and how that can communicate the situation of the people by moving them into the environment…

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  • Organisation

    Jamaica Music Foundation

    social enterprise entrepreneur

    My career in Jamaican music spans over thirty years and surrounding this has been my affinity to the Rastafari Culture and most of…

  • User

    Susan Phillips

    Blogger, photographer, observer

    I write a blog about contemporary photograhy in Africa, Lived 4 years in Nairobi and 3 in Abuja before…

  • Film: Daniel Demissie 2 1

    Town Of Runners

    a documentary about young Ethiopian athletes

    The Town of Runners is a feature documentary made by award winning director Jerry Rothwell (Deep Water, Heavy Load) about young…

  • User

    Daniel Gebeyehu

    Painting and Cartoon animation.

    I'm working both in painting and cartoon animation works.

  • User

    Fien Vanderbeke

    Masterstudent industrial design

    Currently I'm working on Ethiopian beehives for my masterthesis in industrial design. Last summer i spent 6 weeks in Ethiopia for research.

  • User


    Digital sculptor, modeler artists specializing in character/creature creation

    Interesting in women men, discussing political social problems and find out solutions. Help others in Africa from torture, abuse…

  • User

    Esseye Medhin

    Independent Art Historian

    Research on modern and contemporary Ethiopian art and artists Painter, Art Historian Education: Addis Ababa University, 1968-70;…

  • User 2

    Uprising roots

    the roots music

    "The song Skyfiya is a real and true reggae song that is sweeping reggae markets around the world. We're pleased with how well…

  • User 2 1


    Broadcaster, communication consultand and creative talent

    ALLISON WATSON - PROFILE Allison Watson is undoubtedly one of the most self actualized young media professionals in the Caribbean.…

  • User

    I am an art historian, the only one in Ethiopia. I received my doctorate from Cornell University. I had been the Dean of the Skunder…

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    i am an artist and art lover

    i am engaged doing art and also i teach art in the art school most of the time i spent my time making art and participating…

  • User 1

    Dhon Roque

    tall, dark and nevermind, internet savvy

    oDesk contractor. Im searching for people's picture that has 500 kb of size which it is passport type pictures. oDesk contractor. Im…

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