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Democratic Republic of Congo

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    I am a consultant based in London, UK. I source furniture and contemporary homeware from Africa for London clients. I am…

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    Museum for African Art

    Opened to the public in 1984, the Museum for African Art is dedicated to…

    The Museum for African Art is dedicated to the arts and cultures of Africa and the African Diaspora. Since its opening in 1984, it…

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    Marie Finaz

    Cultural Projects Developer

    Interested in contemporary African visual arts (painting, drawing, photography, video, textiles), and craftsmanship - either in…

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    interdisciplinary artist

    my works are psycological quest on issue around me, my environment and where i am at particular moments which generate, discussion,…

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    Grace Atuhaire

    I am a free lance journalist

    i would like to network with fellow media practitioners, Arts and social events,forums and dialogues among other mobilisations I…

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    Mina Girgis

    Ethnomusicologist and Music Entrepreneur

    Mina is an Egyptian ethnomusicologist and music entrepreneur based in San Francisco, California. He is the founder and executive…

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    Rajeev Jain

    Rajiv Jain is an award winning Indian Kenyan cinematographer, director…

    Rajiv Jain is an award winning Indian Kenyan cinematographer, director of photography, dop based in India, Kenya and Dubai and owner…

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    Roger Young

    Filmmaker, Cultural Theorist, Journalist, Troublemaker.

    Former Editor At Large of, writes for Rolling Stone, Mail and Guardian, and City Press. Currently working on a video…

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    Karen D. Brame El-Amin

    Passionate, Inquisitive, Diligent, Industrious and Loyal

    I am interested in learning more about the diverse cultures &amp;amp; arts of the Africa Diaspora. I am a professor who works…

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    Joan Frosch

    Filmmaker, Author, Academic/University of Florida

    Director of the Center for World Arts and Professor of Dance, University of Florida and founding member of the Africa Contemporary…

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    Francisco Guevara

    Visual Artist and Curator / Arquetopia, Foundation for Development

    Francisco Jose Guevara (Puebla, 1978) is a Mexican multidisciplinary artist and curator specialized in creating projects using…

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    POPCAP – Prize for Contemporary African Photography

    POPCAP is the annual photography competition with the aim to foster African photography in the arts. It was first executed in 2012.…

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    Over a million tonnes of edible fish are thrown back into European…

    In January 2011, British chef and food campaigner Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall galvanised public outrage when he launched Hugh’s…

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    Menzi Hlongwa

    Creatively driven and seeking to explore the arts.

    I am a young African with a global view on the influence the creative arts. I am passionate about the stories that surpass the…

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    Mapack Mapis

    I am a writer / director

    Mapack Mapis is a Jos born, Award Winning American Filmmaker and a graduate of the renowned Columbus College of Art and Design. Upon…

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    Pilar García

    Cultural and Creative Industries

    We are interested in the promotion of cultural and creative industries, through the FOMECC Program, an operational model in which…

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    As a personlity, I am jolly, open, honest and genuine in the way I relate with people. Well, sorry to blow my own trumphet...I am…

  • User 2

    Jacqueline Kaliisa

    Stylish cool African lady

    A design and style aficionado inspired by the beauty in the world, interested in exploring new ways through which beautiful design…

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    Anything can be used as a platform for expression. Whether the subject of expression you as the individual or a message. My personal…

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    Okuhle Magcaba


    I never decided to be an artist to be honest it seems that all my life I have had creative ways of interoggating anything. From the…

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    Association La Perle Noire

    Association offering cultural and social events in Paris.

    Association offering cultural and social events in Paris. This group tries to promote contemporary artists from the mixed cultures…

  • Umba Monga is a DR Conglese American that has had four years of experience in many fields of creative design, marketing, and…

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    Jane M Hussein Saks

    Executive Director fo the Institute for the Study of Women and Gender in…

    The Institute is a creator and curator of innovative work and ideas investigating issues relating to women and gender through all…

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    Alexia Webster

    Documentary Photographer/ Film maker

    I am a South African photographer/ filmmaker currently based in Cape Town and have traveled widely through the African continent as…

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    charles okereke

    Eclectic and spontaneous in character. A multi media artist, loves…

    Life is all about purpose.Without a direction, one is a rudderless wreck of a vessel, that simply drifts.Each person is but a part…

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    I'm dreaming of becoming the most powerful mangaka in the world. so, I'm working for that every days in my life. Please accept me…

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    Sanaa Zote Productions

    I am a Kenyan Film and TV creative writer, producer, sound engineer.

    The founder of Sanaa Zote Productions, David Kinyanjui has been a film sound-man since 2004. In the years that he has been on film…

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    Diepiri MacPepple-Jaja

    MA student at Ravensbourne in London.

    Diepiri is a 'Modern African Artist' with a keen interest in the future of Digital Broadcasting as an Undergrad of Ravensbourne in…

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    Richard Elekwa

    A professional creative African artist

    I am very unassuming and open to new ideas and the sharing of same. Growing up in a rural setting in Nigeria built me up with a…

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    Yvonne Louise

    I Love West African dance en percussion

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