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German speaking Benin Mix

Project officer in the austrian Vienna Institute for international development and cooperation-VIDC, department "kulturen in bewegung" in charge of living and visual arts, new medias and creative industries

Founder of Accent Hybrid. Entrepreneur in International Development and Creative Industries. In Development...

Member of the collective Benin Connection. Takes part as coordinator to the project Connected Drift, taking place during the biennale Benin 2012. More infos on the website:

Accent Hybrid is an agency astute combining international development and creative industry. We're providing Northern and western Investors looking for innovative products and processes, the right actors in southern countries striving for know-how fundings or adequate materials.
We're facilitating the partnership, developing and designing the selected project until its completion.

I'm convinced that the renewal of the cultural cooperation goes trough the so called "creative industries". Based in Vienna Austria, fluently speaking german, i would like to offer an alternative to the traditional post-colonial relationships. Center of interests: urbanism and architecture, gastronomy, environment, new medias.

Most significant work experiences: Organisation of the African encounters of photography in Bamako (Cultures France), right hand of the austrian film director Nikolaus Geyrhalter for his documentary "7915km" in north and Western Africa, journalist for the African Broadcast Radio Afrika International (Vienna), CEO of the free Radio FRO in Linz (Austria)

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