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Hadil nazmy

Hadil Nazmy is an artist based in Alexandria, Egypt. Her process-oriented multidisciplinary art projects include videos, films, texts, photography, and site-specific installations that investigate marginalized concepts of the image and the phenomenology of projected imagery. Nazmy’s art addresses issues related to identity, loss, signification and memory, which are born from Egyptian cultural contexts. She is currently completing two new film projects: Gamal wa Amani (Gamal and Amani) deals with the social pressures related to marriage; and Foreign/Agnabi is a 52 minute experimental documentary exploring the idea of foreignness of people across the east/west divide. She is also a contributor to the 2009 collective art exhibit “Memory and Futurism.” Her films and videos have been screened in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and North America and other works have been included international art exhibits. Her work has been documented in a wide range of art publications from Cairo Modern Art to Camera Obscura. She is currently a Lecturer in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Alexandria University.

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