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Barthosa Nkurumeh

Art Educator and Arts Consultant

Barthosa Nkurumeh is an African-born artist, art educator and arts consultant living between the democratic North America and West Africa. Nkurumeh holds BA (1987) and MFA (1991) in studio art and MA (2006) in art education. Recently, he concluded his PhD in Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum at the University of Oklahoma. Nkurumeh has served as university art gallery director, and taught art at the secondary school and university level. His current scholarly interest is in the practice of arts-based social education that entails cross-cultural collaborations for building cultural bridges. All these aspects come together in his current projects.

For example, he initiated and directed a two-year project in Ghana that was about Tapping Local Resources for Sustainable Education through Art. The first was held in summer 2008 at Aba House in Nungua, an Accra suburb in form of a professional development workshop for art teachers from diverse cultures. The following year, the international participants were to reconvene to share results from implementation of some of the practices in The Kumasi Symposium, held at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).

The project, as does the follow-up 2010 Bamako Symposium on the Arts, encouraged collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches to the arts and community interactions. The arts village at Abetenim is a part of the implementations of the proceedings from 2009 Kumasi Symposium. Professor Nkurumeh’s art and writing have appeared in numerous publications including Encyclopedia of Sculpture, Contemporary African Art, Black Artists, Responding to Art, Exploring Painting, and The Visual Experience. All these aspects come together in this project.

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ABOUT US: Nka Foundation exists to enable human capital development through focus on the arts. We do this by bringing together arts practitioners, innovators, supportive institutions and the public for collaborative relationships that support artist mobility, arts education and community projects. Our vision is to enable the development of human competences, knowledge and personality attributes embodied in the ability to be productive citizens.

Nka Foundation: (1) Has its membership open to the arts public and arts supportive organizations; (2) Initiates and promotes artistic, humanitarian and educational projects or activities that build cultural bridges between Africa and the rest of the world; (3) Advocates skills development and social integration of the disadvantaged members of the society and any other free exercise of the arts designed to accomplish community ends.


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Barthosa NkurumehBarthosa Nkurumeh

Barthosa Nkurumeh