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Mark Splendid

.....making visible.....

living and working in cape town

My aproach to art making is quite obsessive, compulsive and sub-concious. I'm exploring the body, spaces, figures and environments, being human, gender, identity, relationships with and expressions of the unknown, unseen and non-visible.

I collect, assemble, place, stich, bind, glue, weave various objects (materials). The actual support ('canvas') is created out of this assembling.
During these processes images begin to apear; figures (often male) and spaces. I work these images using a variety of mediums and materials. There's a blending and crossing over of material and image.
There's never a real beginning of a piece and often the completion is vague. Much work is destroyed or recycled into another.

I'm also developing smallish (hand size) 3D objects using similar methods. These objects (like the figures in the paintings) take on various characters and become small entities which interact with each other, spaces. other existing objects and humans.

I work under several names: Mark Rautenbach(MR), Mark Splendid(MS), Mark Rautenbach Splendid(MRS), and recently Anonymous.

I'm enraptured by the art making process. I find it profoundly mysterious and enigmatic. I enter into conversation with what emerges, puzzled and amazed, often feeling I am the hands for some other conciousness.

I'm also teaching Visual Art and Product Design at a high school.


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Mark RautenbachMark Splendid

Mark Rautenbach