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Sandrine DOLE

Design in situ

As a product designer, I have applied design in a development perspective since 1999 and got specialized in the handicraft sector.

I work in three main fields:
- handicraft product design, both for local use or export.
- training for creators in the making to improve their design.
- to complete the first assets, visual communication (photography, graphism, scenography).

I am working mostly in Africa but remain connected with France and Europe.

I am experienced with a wide range of production techniques and raw materials (wood, metal, ceramics, natural fibers, leather, recycled materials...).

Comments (2)

creativity in Cameroon

Hi Miss Dole,

i'm a young designer on hollidays in Yaoundé for a month. I would like you to give me some places where I can find creative in order to discover the coutries' creativity. I'll be able to go to Douala too.

Thank you for your consideration.


19 Dec 2011, 11:59

Clap Your Hands Africa

Dear Sandrine,

Clapping could be seen as a universal language.
I am working on this new project and I need more goodwill ambassadors to create a big wave off positive energy. Would you like to participate and post your clapping. A video is best because clapping will be heard in my next exhibition but a series of photos is good too.

Best wishes,

6 Aug 2012, 5:57
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