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richard 'rich blk' mkoloma

freelance fashion designer, creative consultant & poet/mc...

Creative Fashion Designer / Consultant, who possesses experience across multi gender, market and apparel product categories, alongside a diverse & technically adept skill set, gained from working within globally renowned brands, niche collections and start-up companies.
Highly motivated professional; an independent thinker who is constantly exploring innovative design solutions, inspired by subculture, social interaction and challenges of the moving body.

Spoken Word MC" who walks armed with a Pen, a Mic, an imaginary sewing needle, low slung jeans & a laptop that’s too clean but leaks more than just bruk beats, hip hop & Londinium poetry that punctuate a style that's densely rhythmic, entirely unique, full of word-tricks & morphs seamlessly from spoken word to rap & back again.
Rich has performed in numerous venues in London including: Sadlers Wells, The Albany, Jazz Café, BAC, Barbican & the Millenium Dome to name a few, as well as Amsterdam (The Paradiso, Melkweg), Nuyorican Poets Café, NYU, 5-Spot (New York) as well as Sydney Australia. Rich has been featured Telly - SKY Digital, BET, (USA) & UK Terrestrial, on Radio (BBC 1Xtra, Bang FM) & has work published by Online & in Print and is currently featured in the Contemporary Black British Anthology 'Red'.]

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    RED is the first anthology of contemporary Black British poetry for ten years, since Lemn Sissay’s groundbreaking, The Fire People. Published by Peepal Tree Press, the leading publisher of Caribbean and Black British Literature, RED is launched through their new Inscribe imprint for Black British writers. RED includes 80 poets; internationally renowned poets, award winning poets, poets from throughout the British Isles; The Shetland Islands to Wales and those who have since moved abroad as far away as New Zealand... RED collects poems by Black British poets writing with the word “red” in mind – as a kind of a leap-off point, a context, a germ – the way something small, minor, or grand might spur a poem. It offers the reader the freedom to come to whatever conclusions they want to about what writing as a poet who is also Black and British might mean. The collection succeeds in producing poems that seem to be first about image, and only then about whatever else fascinates the poet. In this sense, RED illustrates the diversity of Black British poetry whether in the richness of the entries, the moods, the humour, the passion, the reflection, the confessional – all confirm that Black British poetry is a lively and defining force in Britain today. RED website & bookstore   e-mail Home of the best in Caribbean and Black British writing


    ‘RA;P:S.C.R.I.P.T.’ (Rhythmic Art: Poetry. Spirituality. Creativity. Reality. Introspection. Positivity. Truth.); (Rich) blk's Debut Album can be best described as - “Spoken word meets Hip Hop, centre left of a Nu-Jazz Broken Beat while spittin’ poetry in a London twang…” Production by; ‘Kwesi/Mr Hagan’ and ‘Zak’ (‘Amplified’) The album also features some of the most renowned names on London creative scene in the shape of Roger Robinson (‘Adventures in 3d’/ Suckle), Vanessa Richards (Mannafest, Mango lick…), who bless me with their immense talents on the ‘poetry posse cut!!’ - ‘Mental Masturbation’. Acclaimed novelist Courttia Newland also makes a brilliant appearance on ‘Morning Post’, which looks at life behind the gentrified gloss in Ladbroke Grove. The last guest appearance is by ‘Mikey’ (House2House) on the homage to “Women of colour ‘pon street!” – ‘Sidewalk Supermodel’.

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God bless.

16 May 2012, 0:30
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