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Designer, Social Entrepreneur, Brand strategist

I am interested in identity, cultural heritage and the diaspora. I am part of a social enterprise called Set Fashion Free that works with young Londoners to explore cultural heritage and identity. Also a designer currently exploring surface prints, pattern and wherever else that leads me, alongside that I have previously and still occasionally work as a brand strategist and communication designer for cultural and social businesses.

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Clap Your Hands Africa

Dear Nicola,

Clapping may prove to be a universal language.
I am exploring this concept and I need more good will ambassadors. Would you like to join me and post your clapping. A video would be best because it will be heard but photos are good too. I hope you like the idea. I will be exhibiting in september and I would appreciate your collaboration very much.
Warmest regards,


6 Aug 2012, 1:40


Hi, i am grace please i will like to know you more kindly contact me at my private email at hoping to hear from you lots of love Grace

17 Aug 2012, 14:48