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As a whole, we might term the works by Yonamine (b. 1975) as diaries or even archaeologies.

"As a whole, we might term the works by Yonamine (b. 1975) as diaries or even archaeologies. On time, on the past and the present (on the re-invented, re-updated), on life. His and that of the world.
The way he constructs the work (in puzzle) and its process of accumulation and random fragmentation, almost surrealist, can tell us a great deal about how today we all are fragmented identities, broken mirrors. Ongoing, flowing, frail identities, subjected to several different types of violence.
In his modus operandi Yonamine proposes a universe that coincides more with the authentic aspect of life, going against the most machine-like and homogenous view of a world that nowadays one wants to be “hygienic” and perfect. As is shown by some of the symbols in his works, here it is forbidden to wash, iron or tidy up. Unlike other artists we may evoke here, like Basquiat, the wole process here is however, drawn up within a greatly humorous Pop language. As if laughter, in its derisory understanding, were the best weapon of catharsis.
Yonamine brings together a set of situations that oscillate between a past, a present and a possible future, offering a concept of time that escapes limitation. Like in the language of Reggae DJs, in his work we may think about the concept of rewinding, and at the same time we are located within today.
Through his vast and labyrinthine set of subjects and forms, Yonamine grants us the possibility of travelling beyond the physical space of canvas."

Carla Ultra Mendes, 2009.

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4 Oct 2011, 6:27
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