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Me and My Space

Contemporary dance work to be performed October, 2012

Me and My Space is a contemporary work-in-progress by Momar Ndiaye. It is a trio danced by Ndiaye, Amy Swanson, and Bamba Diagne. The piece began during the creative residency workshop Atelier Experience et Corps directed by Andréya Ouamba and supported by his organization Assocation Premier Temps. With support, the piece will continue to grow and be performed at new venues.

  • Me and My Space -

    Performance of Me and My Space on April 20, 2012 in Dakar, Senegal.

“Me and My Space” is a contemporary dance work-in-progress by Momar Ndiaye of Senegal. The creation of the piece was supported by Andréya Ouamba’s Association Premier Temps during the creative residency workshop Atelier Experience et Corps (AEx-Corps) in March and April, 2012. Ndiaye was one of five choreographers invited from all parts of Africa to create a new piece during this six-week workshop held in Dakar, Senegal. The workshop included dialogues and classes with Olivier Dubois of France and Seydou Boro of Burkina Faso, as well as time to create a new piece and a performance at the end of the six weeks.

“Me and My Space” is a trio danced by Ndiaye, Amy Swanson (USA), and Bamba Diagne (Senegal). The piece speaks of existential relationships between individuals, cultures, aspirations, and ideologies. Based on the idea “my freedom begins where I want but can stop anywhere,” the choreography explores individuals’ desires and limitations. Gender roles, identity, and cultural clashes all play a role in the piece. Actual experiences of the three dancers are drawn upon. The choreography includes moments when each dancer remains internal, disregarding the presence of the others; energetic moments of unison, tension, and connection among all three dancers; and pedestrian task-like activity.

The first version of “Me and My Space” was performed on April 20, 2012 at the Centre Culturel Douta Seck in Dakar, Senegal for the culmination of the residency workshop. The performance was so well-received that Andréya Ouamba decided to program a second performance in October, 2012 at the Institut Français de Dakar. Ouamba plans to host another creative residency workshop in October. For this workshop, American choreographer Kathleen Hermesdorf will set a piece on Senegalese dancers which will be performed at the Institut Français de Dakar at the end of October. Ouamba has asked that "Me and My Space" be performed as well in a shared concert. The dancers will resume rehearsals during the month of October and perform a reconstructed version at the end of the month. In order for this to happen, Amy Swanson needs financial support for her travel from Chicago to Dakar.

The reconstruction and second performance of "Me and My Space" would be beneficial to all artists involved. The piece has great potential to be performed in festivals in various cities in Africa as well as the United States. The opportunity to continue constructing the piece and a performance at the Institut Français is a crucial step to its development. All three dancers involved are emerging artists who would benefit greatly from the continuation of this piece.


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