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flow wolf

duBio$ german artist painter member

i studied fine art in germany with a focus on painting. i am very interested in networking with other artists to get intouch with new influenses.
together with two friends i founded an artistgroup called HCC ...Hot Cheese Crew... another permantent member also painter and illustrator joined the group a few years ago so we are 4 permanent artist working under that name, beyond painting the group also connect a few dj´s and producers...
mostly we work on canvas, drawings, illustrations, murals and wallpaintings as single artists or groupworks... but we also do a lot of different design and fashionjobs...

.... click on the star to see some solo works...


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Hi, i am grace please i will like to know you more kindly contact me at my private email at hoping to hear from you lots of love Grace

17 Aug 2012, 14:55