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Anything can be used as a platform for expression. Whether the subject of expression you as the individual or a message. My personal style is my expression of my love of art and design. This is also the age of personal branding, communicating who you are through what people see as they walk by.

One of the great loves of my life is art and its expression in design. Design is art manifested in daily life. This is especially true for fashion. Every day one put on something and goes out into the world, it says something about how one feels and what one thinks of themselves, whether this is conscious or subconscious. It interests me how people use art and its many mediums to express ideas that inform, inspire, bring joy and bring sorrow. That beautiful moment when the artist connects with the audience.

The art of conceptualising and then creating to communicate are my strong suits. Whether it be visual or in the form of words, creativity and imagination. Inspiration is everywhere, one just needs to look and that is definitely a talent that I possess.

For one to speak well in front of others and convey one’s views, one has to communicate themselves eloquently and with clarity. Reading, being a debating adjudicator at school, participating in public speaking competitions and being part of the team that went to the Model United Nations Debating Conference in New York 2005, has equipped me with the skills to communicate effectively.

To keep my creative writing juices I am currently working on an anthology to be published next year. It is a collaboration between 5 writers and I play the role of writer and in charge of its aesthetics and branding

I have also started involving myself in independent photo shoots as a stylist to satisfy that need for creating that I constantly have

I love creating things, both beautiful and practical. I also love extreme sports, pushing myself beyond my limit and my fears to see how far I can go.
I love travelling to places where I am out of my element and being with people different from me in order to learn whatever I can.

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