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choreographer and interprets dancer of contemporary dance.

Alham El MORSLI is, choreographer and interpret dancer of contemporary dance. The contemporary dance is her mode of action and expression, as well by the artistic step as by the possibility as it finds there to widen its own horizon.

After having studied the folk dance and modern with the academy of Casablanca in 2003, it is selected to work with the choreographer and formative Khalid BENGHRIB.

It confirms its choice artistic and practical the contemporary dance near various trainers of fames, through training courses and formations, it also gives itself the means of ensuring an artistic step of research while taking part in performances of dance in interaction with other disciplines: video art, painting, installation, mode….

Since 2006, it teaches regularly in various structures; It also takes part in the social project of sensitizing to the contemporary dance at orphanage of girls, and it intervenes in teaching projects of dance in the educational circle.

Its meeting with the choreographer Bernardo MONTET in 2007, A was a true turning in its professional career. That decisive summer for Ahlam this operates a true turning in its professional career.

In 2008, it melts association “Col'jam”, through which it carries out artistic projects of partnership with local and foreign structures.

In parallel, it initiates choreography and dance of creations, with dancers of various nationalities. Its parts were presented in the cultural institutions and the framework of the national and international festivals.

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2 Jun 2012, 16:07
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