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Mauricio Gonzalez

Ambitious, friendly, love challenge, nature, and adventures.

I was born in Cuban on Sep 26, 1978. I have been living in Miami Florida since 2000 and graduate from New World School of Art last spring on a BFA in painting.
I always try travel to expand my cultural boundaries and kip up with the art world and the world in general.

My Artistic practices try to materialize through the trace of self, of excess energy, how we respond to the chaotic and precarious environment in which modern life develops. Contemporary society is a harsh place that leaves very little room for us to comprehend the majority of the events we encounter on a daily basis. Insecurity, stress, and ecstasy are a set of conditions that gathers simultaneously in our brains, driving our decisions and personalities, forcing us to experience life in a very desperate way.
Through the work, I want to experience how we respond to this set of conditions that contemporary life offers. There is very little forethought in the creative process to leave open room for unpredicted incidents that will reflect somehow issues of contemporaneity. The use of found objects, rudimentary methods of assemblage, and a raw way of conceiving imagery, trigger some sort of ambiguous harmony within the elements that reflect in a direct way, our natural need for balance and peace, true to our universe of origin.