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Name *Sakhile Dlamini

I am from Swaziland..

I began as part of the teenage group training in after school youth workshops to produce the television show Shoovibe on Channel S.
I was selected for the Durban Talent Campus in 2009.
Although I study to be a PC technician, I attend regular regional film workshops and master classes when opportunities arise...I am passionate about systems and tools for multimedia content creation and retrieval.
I am currently a co-producer and co-director on the feature documentary, Shattered Pieces of Peace- A mother who publicly vilified her daughter for being a lesbian grapples to reconcile her own intense homophobia with motherly love after her daughter's partner is murdered and her
daughter is accused of murder.
We've won three PUMA Creative awards, two being at the Durban film festival after the project was pitched as part of the Doc Station training program at the Durban talent campus.
We also won a best project prize from First Hand films at the Mirasdasdoc film market in Tenerife Spain.
The movie I would have loved to be involved in is either Shape of the Moon or Position Amongst the Stars ( Stand Van de Sterren) by Leonard Retel Helmrich. The movie is about a family in Indonesia that lives in the Jakarta slums..I would have loved to shadow the director because the cinematography and pace of the filming resonates with what
I aspire towards achieving of being able to capture the relevant cultural and political nuances of our African society within every day life; but maintaining the story telling magic of the camera. I am very fascinated by the orbital
movement camera styles in this film.
I am interested in film making that captures the essence of people we normally don't see in mainstream films because documentary film has opened up to me the beauty of the human race. How in so many ways we are so different yet each has a unique story which when deeply explored will not seem like I know this story, I know how it will end even if the issues within it are similar to others I find this deeply exciting and motivates me to participate in creating an Africa where we can enjoy creative feature documentaries and fiction films about a multitude of issues. which turn ordinary everyday things into a story worth telling. Like where people don't have to be important politicians or rebellious revolutionaries working against the
state, to use their voice. I believe in Africa films because we can overcome ignorance about other African countries, which lead to problems like xenophobia and misunderstanding refugees.


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