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aïda colmenero dïaz

Dancer, choreographer, actress,teacher.

Aïda started her career in the Drama School of Cristina Rota, when she received her title in Contemporary Dance in the Real Conservatorio Profesional of Dance "Mariemma"; of Madrid. Recently she has obtained her specialist diploma in technique Acogny, at l'École des Sables, Senegal.

She has always had a multidisciplinary approach, so she has worked different body and dance techniques.

She has been based in Senegal and working around Africa since 2009, with her educational project "Africa en Danza"; she has been teaching in Morocco, Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, Cape Verde, Tanzania, Conakry, Madagascar and Spain.

In 2009 she was selected to participate in two international professional workshops: “Transmission of Pina Bausch´s technique"; by Kiomy Ichida , Morocco and "A New Step", Training in Traditional and Contemporary African Dance” in l'École des Sables, Senegal.

In 2009 she created her first solo “Creating my Alone, about Germaine Acogny´s technique”, presented it in Morocco, Senegal, Nigeria, Cape Verde, Ghana and Spain

In 2010 she created with the dancer Alioune Diagne the duo “Café Toubab”, presented in the Festival Mundial des Arts Négres. She created a video performance "DAKAR YAKAR"; with the dancer Papa Sangoné Vièira and the roller Babacar Ndiaye, in the Festival Xeex.

In 2011 she created “Dos Porta”, in Praia, Cape Verde. She also created in Tanzania a piece for four dancers “Empty Space”, piece that has toured in Switzerland. She also has presented her second solo “Working on ça…sensaciones”, in Tanzania, Cape Verde and Spain. In 2012 she created the duo “Fudu” with the Senegalese dancer Papa Sangoné Vièira, presented in Conakry.

At this moment she is working in the multidisciplinary project “Mbolo Moy Dolè” - Festival XEEX- from Senegal that has been presented in La Mercé (2010) and Etnosur (2011) Spain.

Aïda is working as an actress, dancer, model, performer, choreographer, producer, production assistant and teacher.

She created the proyect LANLA with Ise Verstegen to expand the Acogny technique in a international level.

She continues her journey…

Dancer, choreographer, actress, teacher, model

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