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Maria Helena Pinto


Maria Helena Pinto is a choreographer, dancer, and teacher in Maputo, Mozambique. Her choreographic works have been selected for presentation at festivals such as Afrique en Création (Madagascar, 2003), Festival Interculturel de Mayotte (2007), Danse l’Afrique danse (Tunisia, 2008), Rencontre de Danse Métisses (French Guyana, 2009), and Kaay Fecc (Senegal, 2009), and include: Sombre, Tempestade, O olho e a Percepção (which toured to France and Finland), Noticias (which toured to Italy), and Mar Vermelho (performed in France and South Africa). Her current projects—the group piece, CALA-TE and the solo, The Run of Africa, will premiere in 2012-13. She has taught and choreographed at the National Dance School of Mozambique and Centro de Pesquisa Coreográfica, and has led her own dance school since 2003. In 2006, she co-organized the first International Contemporary Dance Festival in Maputo. She is currently building DANS’ARTES—a new center to host national, pan-African, and international meetings, festivals, performances and exhibitions. For her role in creating DANS’ARTS, and her efforts to develop contemporary arts and culture in Mozambique, Ms. Pinto was elected the “2010 Personality of Arts and Culture” by National Radio of Mozambique.

  • Sombra (excerpt) created by Maria Helena Pinto -

    Sombra is a solo performed in a harrowing landscape of overturned buckets. This work gives voice and light to the hidden women of our societies - those who idealize, imagine, create, construct, plan, organize and execute - but exist in shadow. Sombra will appear as part of VOICES OF STRENGTH: A Program of Contemporary Dance & Theater by Women from Africa. Voices of Strength, produced by MAPP International will tour 6 U.S. venues in fall 2012. This video clip appears from MAPP International on Vimeo.