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Xolani Sithole

I am a contemporary philosopher, arts activist, writer and poet.

I was born and raised in South Africa during the apartheid era where I found my family moving from township to township like nomads. I fortunately spent my secondary high school life in a multi-racial school where I began to write poetry. After high school graduation I went into the real world where I learnt that liberation for the South African is not based on the political sphere but it remains locked within the psyche of the previously oppressed majority Black SA citizens who have become passive "automatons of prescription". From the year that I finished grade 12 in 1993 till the present day I have been to University to study Fine Art, Philosophy, Psychology, Anthropology and the English language an attempt to see if that could provide answers for the millions of SA Blacks who live life of low self-esteem and being factory workers that only aspire to fulfil their perpetually bruised souls with material things -a false antidote. A book titled,"The Anthology of The Perplexed" -has been the result of my life-long learning done on the streets of South Africa....


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