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tarig ismail toug

i do write poem and some other cultural articles

i do belive that art in general,painting,music,poem and drama can bring people together and make this world wonderful place for the rest of mankind,becuse art can over cross illusive barriers of reliogn,colour,ethinity and man made boarders etc,this universe is naturally unified and bonded together and any disorganization will lead to fragments and pieces.soil,water and trees,that is how life exist,only for us human beings are divided by greed.


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tarigtougtarig ismail toug


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  • Article: tarig ismail toug

    Emanate truth and love

    Emancipation deed,inherited to be bequeathed

    This poem adress the pain and suffering of so many human beings,who happens to be victims of wars,famines and natural dissaters.they…

  • Article: tarig ismail toug

    Agonies of the ego

    Eternity deserve any sacrifice

    this about nature obeservations,meditation.notning is immortal but eternity is asold fact,because asoul never die,its just the body…

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    life is water

  • tarig ismail toug
  • Image: tarig ismail toug

    give them the chance to live in harmony