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Acogny Germaine


Germaine Acogny, dancer and choreographer, was born in Senegal, founded a dance studio in Dakar in 1968, was artistic director of Maurice Béjart's Mudra Afrique (1977-82), and published her book, African Dance, in three languages in 1980.
She worked with Béjart's company in Brussels, organising international African dance workshops, which she also took to Senegal, and in 1985 she co-founded Studio Ecole Ballet Théâtre du 3ème Monde in France. On her return to Senegal in 1995 she established Ecole des Sables, an international centre for traditional and contemporary African dance. She was artistic director of the dance section of Afrique en Créations/AFAA (1997-2000). With her dance company, Jant-Bi, she dances, produces, choreographs and teaches internationally.


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