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Gisele Nzolameso

Visual Artist

Gisèle Nzolameso is a Congolese (DR) born and UK based artist. She did her foundation degree in Fine Art Skills and Practices as well as her BA (Hons) Fine Art at Byam Shaw School of Art – Central Saint Martins.

Much of her inspiration originates from her experience of living in several countries (Congo DR, Belgium, France and the UK) and having a multilingual background (Swahili, Lingala, French and English). Hence, issues of identity are of great interest for her.

Gisèle states that her practice: “explores the themes of identity, gender, poverty, exploitation and social justice. I invite my audience to confront rather than escape the reality of socio-political issues. In an ambiguous manner at times and sometimes in a more direct style of representation, I aim to give viewers subject for thought and discussion. I believe mixed-media helps convey a different perspective over issues. That is why I work in a wide variety of media including, but not limited to, performance art, time based media, digital photography, collage, clay, photo etching and painting.”

In 2010 she had the opportunity to exhibit her work in Liverpool (UK) during the Liverpool Biennial.

Most recently Gisèle has extended her involvement in community-focused projects by designing two projects involving fellow artists, local communities and young people. A series of artist-led workshops catered for local youths will take place in the weeks leading up to the Olympic torch relay in Luton (UK) in July 2012. The workshops will be followed by a group exhibition featuring internationally emerging and established artists as well as two young talented aspiring artists.


  • Image: Gisele Nzolameso

    PUMA's "Africa Artist Series" is the inspiration behind OWANTO's "Clap Your Hands Africa" project.