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Danielle Smith

Anthropologist, photographer, filmmaker and founding director of Sandblast.

I have been involved with the Saharawi refugee community in Algeria over 20 years and have produced photography, film and music projects related to the region. My second award-winning documentary, Beat of Distant Hearts, was featured in festivals in three continents and I was invited to be associate producer for the BBC2 Correspondent programme on Western Sahara in 1998. I have spoken widely about the Western Sahara at universities, the UN, the British parliament and the media. In 2005 I set up Sandblast, an arts and human rights charity, to give the indigenous Saharawis of Western Sahara a voice through the arts. My main interests are to build bridges of understanding, tolerance and peace through the arts, especially music; empower the Saharawis to tell their own stories; promote cultural awareness, exchanges and collaboration between the Saharawis and artists internationally; and encourage the preservation and transmission of the rich Saharawi oral heritage.

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cultural music exchange

Hi! Im really excited by individuals like you, who strive to add value in other people's lives and if you ever needed a cultural music exchange from South Africa, I will be so keen to team up with individuals like you.
Im a passionate musician/instrumentalist, specializing in South African Indigenous music. feel free to contact me on my email: Thank U and keep up the good work that you do.

8 Jan 2013, 19:16
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