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Production sound mixer and sound designer for Feature films,Documentaries,TV,Commercials

I am Harikumar Pillai; Sound Mixer/Designer based in India, Mumbai,
Graduate of FILM SCHOOL (FTII PUNE,INDIA), 15yrs + working in
Feature Films, Documentaries and Television for National and International
Productions and been associated with several award winning projects

I use the latest sound equipment and travel with work everywhere in the world with my crew and also use local crew, whom I train as well

My vision is to be recognized as one of the foremost professionals in this field who sets the standard for the industry.

My last release was PEEPLI LIVE( , India s official entry for the Academy Awards and 1st Indian feature at Sundance film festival ,USA,2010

i enjoy working on various formats and like to work on challenging projects outside the comfort zone by thinking out of box

I am a team player and looking forward to working with people from all parts of the world, esp non english speaking countries,

besides working in films, i travel, read books, love wildlife, do envirinmental conservation, work amongst the underprivileged and children, rehabilitate drug addicts,work at the ALM

I am a regular at a large number of film and media schools where i conduct classes in Sound for media and its applications for creative use

I would like to work in all parts of Africa and be a part of the creative revolution.

Let your be my next project

links to some of my works, click on SHIPWREAKERS , click on Indian shoot,
http: / /,click on acclaim/ recent credits, go to Four Seasons Mosaic. /video.html /2010 / theroadhome

please write to me

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thank you

thanks for ur message and thank you for sharing your beautiful works here!! hope i get to see more of these and meet in future. take care.

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