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Nikki Froneman

Arts Producer, project manager and festival director.

Nikki Froneman is a South African arts producer and occasional theatre director. She holds an Honours degree in Drama from the University of Cape Town and a Marketing and Business Management Diploma from Damelin College. Nikki has been living in Latin America since April 2006 and currently lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She founded Proyecto 34ºS in early 2008 and is responsible for the overall artistic direction and running of the organization and its projects. Proyecto 34°S is an independent organization that produces festivals and events with a focus on contemporary performing arts and active artistic exchange and contact between the diverse peoples and cultures of Africa and Latin America. Its activities aim to foster creative relationships and dialogue between artists and audiences, as well as artistic appreciation, social consciousness and cultural understanding. Website:

Nikki´s experience includes:
- executive production of Machitún, a thirty person outdoor show that officially closed the National Arts Festival in South Africa, 2011
- concept and coordination of the Theatre in Translation / Teatro en Traducción initiative
- Direction of the 2009 First Festival of South African Theatre in Buenos Aires
- coordination of various independent arts events in Argentina and South Africa - CD launches, showcases, concerts
- the coordination of the 2005 University of Cape Town Res4Res theatre festival; - production management and co-ordination of various international photo shoots for DMP Productions
- tour management for Riverside Theatre Company (2002)

She has also participated as an invited guest on various occasions and presented workshops, including:
- at the Second International Theatre Festival of La Plata, Argentina (2007)
- at the second Pirologias International Festival of Independent Theatre in the province of Buenos Aires (2008)
- in the Professionals Program on South-South Exchange at the Oerol festival in the Netherlands (2009)
- At the National Arts Festival, South Africa (2009 and 2011)
- at Cena Meetings - Brasilia (2011)

In 2011, Nikki was selected and attended the Atelier for Young Festival Managers held in Singapore, organized by the European Festivals Association and other partners.


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