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Chung-Fu Chang

I am a dance instructor, freelance dancer and choreographer.

I am an associate professor in the Dance Division of Colorado State University and director of the CSU Tour Dance Company. I have received an Outstanding Faculty Award from CSU Mortar Board in 2008, and The 2009 Best Teacher Award from The CSU Alumni Association. At CSU, he teaches all levels of modern, improvisation and choreography, acts as an advisor for senior production.
I was born in Taiwan, where I danced professionally with the country’s internationally renowned Cloud Gate Dance Theatre and Kaohsiung Contemporary Dance Company. In 2002, I began to pursue a solo dance career. My solo works and performances have been showcased at various dance festivals and major performance venues nationally and internationally. I use dance as a form to record my personal journey and journal. I have received commissioned choreographic works from both professional ballet and modern dance companies, chamber music, university dance programs throughout the U.S., and in Mexico and Taiwan. I have held creative residencies at The Yard in 1999, and at the American Dance Festival in 2006 (International Choreographers’ Residency).
I am deeply immersed in a rich Taiwanese-Chinese cultural heritage – poetic, ritualistic, theatrical and profoundly spiritual. I came to USA, was motivated by an urge to broaden my creative horizons and connect more directly with Western dance traditions. It has been a rewarding artistic journey that has enabled me to explore new avenues of movement invention and evolve a distinct, personal choreographic style. I am also very interesting in learning other cultures. I would like very much to collaborate with other cross-disciplinary artists in other countries.


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