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Meschac Gaba

I am an international artist from Benin living in the Netherlands.

Since 1997 I developed the 'Museum of Contemporary African Art' ( which finished in 2002 in Dokumenta-11 in Kassel. Now I am busy with a new project called MAVA: Musée de l'Art de la Vie Active, when the city of Cotonou was declared MAVA in december 2010. This project also represents a development art project, which is planning an artists residency and workshop in Cotonou with African artists and international artists, in collaboration with different international art academies and universities. I am planning to set up an international art library in Cotonou, based on my donation of the 'Library of the Museum' to the city of Cotonou, which was part of my Museum of Contemporary African Art.


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  • Event: Cotonou, Biennale Benin 2

    Biennale Bénin 2012,

    8 Jan 2013 11 Jan 2013 Finissage


    Le programme de finissage de la Biennale Bénin boucle une série d'événements, expositions, rencontres, interventions, Projets…