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michael soi

Kenyan contemporary multi media artist

Born, works and lives in Nairobi and is a member of what is termed as the second generation of Kenyan artists that emerged through kuona trust in the late 90's among a group of other notable artists of his generation. In 1996, He began his career soon after graduating from art school as a sculptor and subsequently refined his own visual and artistic vocabulary over the years. over the years, he begun work that was more of social commentary revolving around everyday life of the ordinary Kenyan’s and this work has been well received by Kenyans living here in Kenya and those in the diaspora who the artist basically addresses in his work.
His most successful bit of his career has no doubt the series of work called the FAT CATS that addresses graft as an impediment to social, political and economic development of his country Kenya. This series of 36 pieces was well received by his audiences both in his home country Kenya and internationally. Soi is currently working on a series of paintings that revolve around prostitution and strip clubs in his home city of Nairobi and the denial that revolves around these establishments and the good folk who frequent these establishments. His work has been collected by the casoria museum of contemporary art in Napoli, Italy, the Standard chartered bank (UK) and individuals like Luis Moreno Ocampo, Michela Wrong, Atsango Chesoni, Robert Deveraux among others. Michael is based in Nairobi at the GoDown arts centre.

i have keen spectator of contemporary social,economic and political trends. i have chosen to amerce myself into material that bombards our information channels and put in my interpretation of the situation. most of what i am working on is work that deals with corruption in many levels of Kenyan society. i use the cat and pig symbol as a metaphor to represent greed and gluttony.

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