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landry MBASSI

Just a visionnary mind trying to capture life's beauty

I like to think i was born an artist. I started drawing back in the days i was 5 or something...and then i got interested in creating stuff i couldn't even describe.

Photography, Installation and video are my main concerns today.

Artist statement

I am mostly fascinated by cities textures and ambiances, both on their social and architectural as well as environmental aspects. People movements in streets as they cross and mingle with others; colors, noise and smelling they produce. In brief, how they shape the space. I am also interested by themes like anatomy (structure of specific genre), genes, identity, how people define themselves and all the ideas behind their lifestyles.

I like shooting people when they don’t expect being taken; it’s the best way for me to ‘steal’ a moment of eternity. But I also like getting to know the subject of my photos or composing imaginary scenes using images that I have taken in other contexts. It is quite important for me to get involved in a relationship with the one(s) on the photography.

I believe there is quite much to do when you are out there, hanging out in our African streets. It is a magic space, full of colors and sounds, different forms creating an exciting sensation. I believe that’s what makes it different from elsewhere. And we should be proud of this.

Supporting statement

My artistic practice basically enclosed photography, video and installation today. I mostly use my photographic shots in my installations but I also shoot for the sake of showing and sharing my daily experiences with my community; bring out there what actually shapes my life and my surroundings wherever I find myself.

When exploring a particular topic, I sometimes will proceed by casting and ask people to pose for me, in a room or in public spaces with specific attires or accessories made up by myself.

Why I am using photography today? As an art photographer, I try to materialize ideas that would be hard to concretize if using another medium. I use photography first of all for its ability to acquire spontaneous results, especially when it comes to digital photography. Though I do embrace a very figurative background as talking of my earlier works in art (I used to be an abstract painter), I have progressively switched to a more graphic and illustrative approach in my works today and using digital photography I guess is the reason why such a conversion occurred.

But as said earlier, photography is also a mean to create or start a conversation with something or someone I want to shoot in a creative process or not. It’s a medium that can subtlety help you getting closer to the subject, especially when using a digital camera. You can always check back to see if your shot is fine and engage a conversation (even a voiceless one) with the subject. That’s why I like shooting models too. It can be very impulsive and creative at the same time depending on how you entertain the subject. Depending on one’s skills, photography will give them – straight – or not, the effect they are searching for.

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