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Daniela Castelbranco

african ways of researching sustainable future

I was born in Angola, due to the war I moved to Portugal where I studied Fashion and Architecture. Once I finished my studies I move to the Netherlands.
I live and work in the Netherlands for 7 years. At the moment I'm working as an independent researcher and starting up an office. Our focus is on urban social sustainability. With our criss cross backgrounds and professional paths we intend to find a niche, to identify new ways of working in architecture and urbanism due to the economical crises and global environmental issues.
We are looking forward for networking and sharing common goals. We look for angolan artists thinkers entrepeneurs for mapping and brainstorming on Angola Identitiy and cultural colective memory.

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Clap Your Hands Africa

Dear Daniella,

Clapping may prove to be a universal language.
I am exploring this concept and I need more good will ambassadors. Would you like to join me and post your clapping. A video would be best because it will be heard but photos are good too. I hope you like the idea. I will be exhibiting in september and I would appreciate your collaboration very much.
Warmest regards,

6 Aug 2012, 1:36