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Frederique Cifuentes Morgan

Talented, dynamic award winning documentary filmmaker, photojournalist and project manager based in London

I have developed & directed a number of commissions including 3 feature length documentary films, 'Cinema in Sudan: conversations with Gadalla Gubara (52'); 'Closer to Home, the restoration of Leighton House Museum (55'); The Jews and the longest kiss in history (80').

I have extensive experience in project development and management with NGOs such as UNESCO, Action Contre la Faim, UNHCR, and the French Embassy in Khartoum. Between 2006-2008 I coordinated a series of photographic workshops in the internal displaced persons camps of Khartoum and worked with refugee groups in London.

I am a consultant for UNESCO, Department of Media and Communication, managing the first photographic agency in Sudan

  • Disappearing Heritage of Sudan, 1820 - 1956 -

    Photographic and filmic exploration in Sudan Brunei Gallery, London
    17 April - 24 June 2012 Frederique Cifuentes undertook photographic and filmic research in Sudan from 2004 to 2010. One of the most important outcomes of this journey was to build up a new and unique collection of photographs and videos that documents the remnants of the colonial experience in Sudan from the Ottoman, Egyptian, and British periods. All the materials taken during these journeys will be used for the exhibition. It will offer a different way of looking at imperial history. This photographic and video project is an exploration of the mechanics of empires through its official buildings, private residencies, cinema houses, railways, irrigation canals, and bridges. This research, the only one of its kind, will highlight colonial architecture, design and construction and the impact they had on Sudanese society before and after Independence in 1956. It will help us understand the ways in which people appropriated and used the buildings.


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