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Inua Ellams

A word and graphic artist.

Inua Ellams is an award winning poet and performer, a writer with a style influenced by classic literature and hip hop, by Keats as it is by MosDef. Rooted in a love for rhythm and language, he crosses 18th century romanticism and traditional story telling with contemporary diction, loose rhythm and rhyme. 2009 saw the debut of his first play - The 14th Tale, which toured nationally, scooping a prestigious Fringe First Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival before returning to London for a sold-out run at the Cottesloe, National Theatre. His next play ‘Untitled’ debuts at the Soho Theatre in October 2010.

Concerning liquids, He believes in aPple jUice, likes his coffee absent and claims to conjure Cristal out of rain puddles. Concerning solids, He believes in green apples, likes his steak well done, and claims to have a desk carved of brimstone and beautiful. Concerning life, he believes it is the greatest symphony of all, that people all freestyle and adlib to it, but once in a while, they have to conform to the beat. Within the symphony are significant riffs like Ghandi or King- they give kudos to the great concert. He is currently trying to riff.

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to make Africa a better world is about our winning, the essence of winning

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