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George Afedzi-Hughes


*Painting, Performance Art, Poetry and Philosophy
*Associate Professor, University at Buffalo

The complexities of socio-political events motivate me to combine images from disparate sources in order to address the use of violence by humans to solve human conflicts. My work is a ‘layered’ contemplation of violence, exploring imagery, objects, time and space as subliminally interrelated.
In today’s informational age global news of violence reach us by a click of a button: creating a network of virtual simulations coupled with fear despite being far removed from actuality.
I am interested in gathering in complex visual form the spectacle of such information, of knowledge and of subjectivity. My process involves combining commercial iconography, signage, symbols and text with imagery often associated with violence. Through bi-association of commercial and tragic imagery I present the relationship between sustenance and decadence, and also between life and death. Human and animal body parts are often combined with man-made objects, sometimes morphing into unexpected mutations. Such parallels reveal the juxtaposition of humor and tragedy exposing the contradictions of reality.
My objective is to draw attention to the visceral relationships between seemingly unrelated objects; to intensify the tension between comparative forms; and to blur distinctions between the familiar and the novel.

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27 Nov 2011, 2:01
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