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claudia wegener

a migrant listener with a bag

a sound and media artist who’s practice combines radio productions, on-line publications, teaching and training and public audio-media projects under the umbrella of radio continental drift; she established a mobile skills training and audio media literacy programme “I & EAR” based on a methodology of listening, and has been developing and facilitating collaborative audio radio projects which join skills-training, oral history methods and the creative use of ICTs through collective productions, such as the NO-GO ZONES project in South London (2007/08) and the DURBAN SINGS audio media & oral history project (2009/10). project blog
current project 2012-2014

Academic affiliations, Visiting Scholar at the Centre for Civil Society UKZN (2008-2010); Associate member of Transnational Arts Identity and Nation (TrAIN) Research at the University of the Arts London (UAL); multi-media advisor & trainer at Market Photo Workshop Johannesburg.

Radio/ productions with WDR3 Studio for Acoustic Arts (G); ORF/ Kunstradio (A); Monitor Swedish Radio; Resonance fm, open-air Radio SOAS, Audio Arts and CRISAP (UK); Radia; Cjam (CA); YLE radio1 and Laehradio (Fin); SAfm (RSA); gruenrekorder, Vibro/ Double Entendre, Collectif MU European Sound Delta (F).
sample productions:
"Kolonialwarenladen" (ORF, 2011)
LONG WALK radio drama (WDR3, 2009); re-broadcast (ORF 2010)
DURBAN SINGS rough radio mix (gruenrekorder, 2010)

"I & EAR" audio media literacy
MPW Joburg/ students' work

Road-Movie Project
An Ear on the Ground AV channel

online audio archive
sample playlists:
Voices from Binga, "The Pulse of Africa",
Sauti Nairobi; Emboozi ya Kampala; Gulu Songs of Wisdom; DURBAN SINGS

soundscapes recordings
Zambia Popular Theatre Alliance ZAPOTA, 2012,
World-Listening-Day 2011, African cities, European cities
An African Diwali, Chatsworth/ Durban, 2010

In The Field, 2013
Global Voices, 2010
Waves of Change, 2010
Christo Doherty at Joburg Radio Days 2011
interviews with Claudia Wegener:
about DURBAN SINGS (SAfm, 2009)
about LONG WALK (SAfm, 2005)

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