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French artists duet 'LE QUARTIER GENERAL'

The QUARTIER GENERAL is made up of the two- sister duet : Elodie and Delphine Chevalme, who are artists, graphic designers and illustrators.

For more than a year, we set up an artistic project, called 'Ordinaries Papers' :
The figurative work of ‘Papiers ordinaires’ is largely inspired by the mix of styles which are then reflected in the portraits. Through the focus on appearance, both the physical (attitude, skin colour) and the cultural influences (clothing, material, and objects) are conveyed here. Indeed, the project aims at exploring the origins and the manifestations of cultural diversity. Moreover, it celebrates the dynamic identity processes it allows.
They are all large-size full-scale portraits, full-length drawn so as to expose the whole posture and clothing.
In each portrait, the ambivalence of the character is expressed through the various clothing elements, from the thickness of material printed symbols to the cultural layers which are simultaneously distinguishable, like stateless flags.
This work illustrates personal encounters and topics of our choosing which all echo trans-cultural approaches. Each series refers to a specific field of study, which is then elaborated on through different drawings, as if they belonged to the same family.