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James Muriuki

Photo-medium and Arts Administration

Over time, I have taken interest in exploration of gaps and spaces that are left by using photography and other art media. I endeavor to use photography as a medium of practicing art rather than as a photographer either alone or collaboratively. This has extended from photographic experiments to using photo-based medium and new digital media within a personal attitude and aesthetic. It is a personal journey that has kept proving dynamic and yet static in many ways within my environment.

A recurring subject in my work is the transition within the urban space as reflected by contemporary society, restricted to my context. Living in Nairobi makes the city my primary observation space, often extending this focus to other urban spaces. Transition time is also decision time and is when the known disintegrates and unknown starts to identify. It happens very rapidly in split-second - but then it happens again over generations. Accessing the texture of the city reveals issues of identity, questions of a society, its history and culture, the values we possess and our concepts of the world. One of the topics I have worked on closely is Nairobi's public transport vans, the Matatus, icons of the city of Nairobi. Another visual elements I use currently is architectural forms and construction, reading them as inscriptions of our times and realities.

James Muriuki
Feb. 2012

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interest in your work

Dear James

I met with a corporate client today who is buying a large collection of photographs for a South African corporation. They have highlighted your work as of interest - particularly some Kenyan images that were included in the African Perspectives book.

Do you have a website where I can find out more information or a direct email address to be able to stay in touch?

My email is

Thanks in advance and best wishes


15 Jul 2010, 18:22

poetry recycle

over time i become large functioning scenes in approach, for piano coloured window lights in war buatar for dark guitar shadows

4 Oct 2011, 5:16



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13 Jan 2012, 16:02


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17 Aug 2012, 14:48