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iKAPA Dance Theatre

iKAPA Dance Theatre: Contemporary and Neo-Classical Dance Company

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    iKapa Dance Theatre, unites artistic and social value of dance. iKAPA is an innovative Contemporary and Neo-Classical Dance Company with strong focus on the outreach programs for children of the previously disadvantaged communities around Cape Town

iKapa Dance Theatre is a contemporary and Neo-Classical dance company that creates unique and educational dance productions. The company’s broad activities are two-fold. Firstly, the company trains and mentors young people in previously disadvantaged communities around Cape Town. Secondly, the company inspires and challenges its peers to business practices based on integrity and accountability in the communities that they serve.
iKapa’s unique dance style transcends Dance Art and the company creations are a tool for initiating social dialogue, by bringing together relevant social, political and economic values to create more than an art form. The company’s philosophy of excellence goes beyond performance and is visible in the messages that its productions convey to audiences.


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iKAPADance TheatreiKAPA Dance Theatre

iKAPADance Theatre