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Christian Schlager

world identity lab

  • world identity lab -

    Identity is partly defined by belonging to a particular group and by social roles, the “us”. On the other hand, identity also exists, at least in our society, in the encounter with our own uniqueness, the “me”, which each individual experiences in his or her own way.
    Am I woman or wife, sister or colleague, freelancer or animal rights activist, single traveller or Brit? Am I man or husband, employed or Argentine, ambulance driver or social democrat, French or European? What am I? Everything at the same time.

The world identity lab is a non-commercial experimental platform, that looks into different levels of what we call “identity” on a worldwide basis.
The platform has a seismographic function, inviting motivated people to contribute to the concept of “identity” with their opinions and observations in a visual or journalistic way.
The goal is to reach interesting personalities worldwide and engage them as contributors to the lab.

  • identity sucks -

    We are looking for photographs of teenagers from around the world. We are seeking answers to the question of what their personal life goal is and why. It will be exciting to find out what factors – age, social structure, cultural background, etc. – influence the lives of young people and what commonalities (or differences) there are between countries. We are inviting motivated people to contribute with their opinion and observation in a visual or journalistic way. The objective is to capture one portrait, or a range of portraits, of one or a series of youths. This should include his/her or their names, age/s, home town and country, as well as the very important answer to the questions:
    - What is your life goal?
    - And why? Check:

  • the_book -

    Every project will be published as a printed journal which manifests the subject-matter and the network. These will be posted or, as the
    case may be, made available to all contributors. The current progress of the publication will be available for monitoring on the website. Check:

  • the wishing table -

    What does the world dine on 25th December? Whether festive day or not. Roast pork or turkey? Carp with potatoe salad or fondue chinoise? Stew or sausages? Casual lunch?… The objective is to document your set table on 25th December 2009.
    The approach is up to you – it could be a picture, a movie, an audio recording, or any other medium of your choice. Check:

  • to be continued -

    This is a story with an unexpected ending! Every single sentence can change the course of the story. Your next sentence, contribution, photograph makes a change and influences people who will continue the story. People of different ages, origin, social status, religious or political conviction will make their mark on this unique, communal narrative. Only one sentence per log-in, but with no limitation to the number of log-ins. How will this adventure end? Will it degenerate into a battle for steering the course of the story? Will it fire the imagination? Drown in chaos? Is the experiment possible at all? A story written by the world. You can start the story, if you are fast enough. Continue the his/story, photograph, draw, or write! “To be continued…” gains new meaning.
    Will they live happily ever after? Who knows?

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non commerced goal sucks lives

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