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Florence Latappy

a choreographer who does not care about prejudices

I was trained from 8 years old in France and had to renounce to dance as a professionnal because of en injury for years till I decided I would dance anyhow and I am now. As I could not find the company I really wanted to work with and had lost a lot of time I decided to go for it as long as I can dance and created my own company: the "maloya metiss Cie", by the name of a reunionese music and dance that was despised for a long time and even forbidden in the Island and has become now a symbol of part of the Reunionese roots, the african roots. I love the atmosphere of the Island of Reunion where my mother is from and where I live and find inspiration in everyday life and in people around me. I love the poetical aspect of life and dance and do not care about categories or styles as long as there is this poetical touch. I'm interested in traditions in dance but also in more modern forms like hip hop and currently work on clichés and prejudices. I like the imperfection of life but work with a special care to details in my shows as to me when I put dancers on the scene, I like it to be a show, with this poetical touch of life and also ideas, thoughts, stories...I need to share all of these. I am interested in all sorts of art forms like theater or painting and like mixing styles and arts. The Cie blog is:


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  • Florence Latappy

    Our new creation titled the shadows, Hassina