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fatou kande senghor



Fatou Kandé senghor is part of that generation raised with television, hip hop, techno , musical videos and digital technology. She is from a fastforward generation yet she knows how to catch her breath and a slower pace to print her images about sensuality, consciousness, preoccupations of her continent and this world.
She has immersed in other forms of creation so her discourse could be sent out through any medium that she feels appropriate for a concept.
She believes she can only create with tools of her time and the spirit of her moment in history if she wants to be in connection with the world.
That’s why she uses more digital technology today. On the African continent at long last digital art practices are considered as a member of the great art family.

“The struggle” one needs to go through in order to BE is the right path to go. In a world where disguise, artifice, gimmicks and shortcuts are available for purchase, often it is the free ride to heaven promised that will make your life hell.So go for the struggle to make a life.
Could Shakespeare‘s famous quote be invoked here TO BE OR NOT TO BE, that is the question. Let me add, that it is the only question. Because in order to be, there are significant components one needs to seek (sometimes a lifetime) and then combine together. That’s what a great number of us artists do in our lives by travelling, discovering, exchanging, teaching, learning, exploring, sharing, so our works of art become weapons, tools, sources as much as aesthetic. And today no matter where we go in life, we fit. WE ARE. We fit because Thank god we accepted the rules of the game early enough, when we recognized the signs while travelling here and there. The signs necessary to be. Carefully scattered around us to pick wisely. WE ARE, because we have a recipe after collecting the ingredients. And to each of us his own recipe to transcending reality.
My name is fatou kandé senghor, I am a visual artist from Senegal. when I look back at my trajectory to find knowledge, know how, truth, creativity, life, I realize how much heart I’ve put into being a citizen of the world that comes from a place dear to my heart I would not trade for all the gold in life. Companionship of course was necessary, so I chose Kwame Nkrumah, Leopold sedar senghor, Aimé Césaire, W.E.B du bois, Cheikh Anta Diop and others to sharpen the thinking, the theories that I could verify on the field out there, every moment.
So many answers seeked to soothe the bruises of life and being offered so much along the way. The saying “all the good watches have the same time” is not a mere invention of a good trader, it is accurate. It is the reward for me today to have chosen travelling , Art and Africa. At first I did not pick travelling . It had been quite painful as a child to break ties to friends we swore loyalty to for life. Though my parents were travelers, the link to the base had been there the whole time. Patiently waiting for the fruit to reach maturity. Then came that time when in the realms of modernity, the base (specially if it is somewhere on the African continent) may seem like a remote place to go back to. You are in a “moving on” process, going with the flow, surfing between skyscrapers, fancy café’s, malls, cruising behind powerful engins in an organize space you feel you contribute to…. but in the end, after living the other beings, when you have wandered around and borrowed something old, something new, something Danish something from Burkina faso, your own prints revolve around you through dreams, reminiscent of scents, sounds, imagery, taste and it is the perfect timing to run back and settle down.
I settled down among my own with an excitement that was surprising to my entourage that would encourage its youth fleeing the economical drought. But I recreated an exquisite universe while digging deeper in the ground to plant my roots. I gulped and gulped down precious moments and rituals. Refused dichotomy between ancestral heritage and muslim practices, I combined them both marvelously and let them be in me and never regretted it. I rose above fear, ignorance and went for activism.
I picture myself as a tree. A healthy tree with leaves that are eatable, traditional medicine, fit for wood that regenerates in a flash every time I give to people that need a piece of me.
Dear Senghor, Dear Césaire, you were right : The god of the defeated becomes the devil of the winner, the hand that gives, is the hand that commands. We know, and we shall not wait bare hands for the wrestling to start, we will be out there spreading the therapy, opening the eyes, the minds and the hearts so people go for sincerity, for reality and at long last learn how to breathe, negociate and live.
Truth be told.


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