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Ibrahim Sayed

!! تشكيلى نوبى لديه العديد من الحكايات !! A Nubian artist with many stories!!

My Art Life
Drawing means of me is a method of focus all the black images which have been melted in sever climate through their scarped faces and colours from all these lines I nominate their spirits carefully in my memory that searches smartly issues .
More any lises for these faces I reach to the puzzle and struggle of their sorrow and sacrifices points that helped me also of sink in the depth which I really love this art .
My experiences in character is of find the ability of create lines without laws or orders in very simple trail of reach the emotion and feelings and achieve survival all over .

Ibrahim Sayed


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IbrahimSayedIbrahim Sayed



0 Dubai

United Arab Emirates


Phone +971566370727

Mobile +971566370727

Born: 10 Apr 1976, cairo, Egypt