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About Us

A network growing everyday!

An initiative of PUMA.Creative, Creative Africa Network is both a live and virtual platform with global reach, connecting the creative world within and outside of Africa, giving visibility to the talents working in architecture, dance, design, fashion, film, fine art, literature, music, new media, performing arts and photography.

Creative Africa Network social networking website, allows individuals and institutions to create their own profiles.

The Creative Africa Network Articles Forum is a platform for members to share essays, reviews, critical opinion pieces, etc.

The Creative Africa Network Events Calendar lists news of exhibitions, lectures, performances, biennales, art and book fairs, music and film festivals, etc.

The Creative Africa Network Opportunities Forum is a platform for members to share information—such as calls for artists, residencies, workshops, competitions and awards, calls for papers, funding or other possibilities—providing professional information valuable to established and emerging artists as well as cultural liaisons.

The Creative Africa Network and Diaspora Social Library fulfills an essential role in making information and publications available through a shared non-centralized library, and elective lending and borrowing by members.

PUMA.Creative Partnerships, in association with Creative Africa Network, aim to support artists, art professionals and organizations, that are members of Creative Africa Network, through major support of special projects, events, exhibitions and performances.

The PUMA.Creative Mobility Awards, in association with Creative Africa Network, recognize dedicated service to the arts, honor the achievements of emerging or established artists, art professionals and arts organizations. These awards aim to facilitate their participation in major national and international art events, and provide the resources and support to enable them to enhance their networks and develop the relationships that will further their work or the goals of their institutions.

PUMAVision comes from a vision of a world that is better than the one we know now—a world that is safer and more creative. PUMAVision unites PUMA's corporate social responsibility activities and initiatives, guiding PUMA's work, partnerships and engagements worldwide. The programs of PUMA.Safe (focusing on environmental and social issues) and PUMA.Creative (supporting artists and creative organizations) reflect PUMA’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility and define the partnerships and initiatives PUMA will support and pursue.

Justin DeKoszmovszky