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Farewell to Ricardo Rangel

On the evening of Thursday 11th of June 2009, the Mozambican veteran photographer, Ricardo Rangel passed away. Ricardo, born in 1924, was regarded as one of the most prominent and relevant Mozambican photographers. An excerpt from one of his numerous biographies reads as follows :
" His works were mainly of street scenes, landscapes, the everyday activities of individuals, and night scenes in the cafes and restaurants in Mozambique. His work testifies to his great involvement with the people of Mozambique's multicultural society. The photographs are pervaded by compassion for those portrayed, and fury at injustices. Many of his photographs were banned from publication by colonial censors, and many of his negatives were destroyed by servants of the previous government."

Rangel worked for some time for various newspapers. In 1970, together with four other journalists, he established the illustrated weekly magazine Tempo. This was the first colour magazine in Mozambique. In 1981 he became director of the weekly Domingo, and three years later he was asked to set up the Centro de Formaçao Fotográfica [Centre for Photographic Studies] in Maputo, a school for photography. He remained its director until his death. Since 1983 Rangel has been showing in European galleries and various European and African museums".

At the age of 85 he insistently continued to dedicate himself to the functioning of the only photography school in Mozambique.

Ricardo Rangel has made a tremendous contribution to Mozambican and African photography.

Sent by Emeka Okereke