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Article: Okuhle Magcaba

Die Antwoord through pictures

Okuhle Magcaba Photorgraphy


How sweet the taste of sound, drum n bass, dance, trip like hop sound versions of music, lyric's that splice through any mental block and a concept that looks accidental but was pursued anyways. That was my brief thought in passing up until I with my own being experienced the anomalous DIE ANTWOORD now I say this in a beautiful way a way that conforms only to its rule, rules that seem to be blurred, a music that carries a lot of questions and answers. Like that homeless guy on the street asking for change in exchange for a little poetry for you ear, they construct unmanned verbal machines guns straying completely from the pages of norm while making solid their of understanding of music. They remind me of Sufi poetry mixing the distant with the present so it all seems futuristic. These guys are on top of their game I have to mention the Veranda Panda held his head high up as he too rocked this party and molded for me a fully formed image of his unmatched beauty on Drum and Bass Big Up. We grow through these concepts and ideas fall of to pick them up later if time permits, however the truest flames are the ones that when I was capturing the bliss of the moment with Die Antwoord. I am not understanding of afrikaans however the beauty of the language created by the SAN mixing Dutch and their own Dialect later adopted by the Afrikaans of Dutch decent put spells on me by just feel and sound. There is a movement out there and it will align in time for the big music showdown where South Africa rises its head and says "I Am Here". Admits all the noise there is a resonating new sound that is being constructed and everyone its feeling it.

one more thing before anyone criticizes DBN for not turning up for events in Big venues, first you need to know us. Being a follower of live music in this city i have come to understand them DDN love intimate set up where there is not much space for the eye to wonder where the main focus is the stage and the music. So we are intimate beings and we love that space to be shared with musicians from everywhere.